How Allergies Work and the Subconscious Connections

An Interesting Case of a Peanut Allergy and FasterEFT

Peanut allergies can be severe and can cause a lot of stress and inconvenience for those who suffer from them.


The mind-body connection means that simply thinking about the food can result in a physical reaction.


With FasterEFT we look at changing the connection in the brain that causes the body to react.


A client booked a session with Robert to address her peanut allergy.


Her allergy was severe; and as is the case with these types of allergies if the reaction is left untreated, the anaphylaxis can be life-threatening.


In this particular case, simply thinking about peanuts caused this client to feel the symptoms of anaphylaxis starting in her body.


As Robert began to tap on these symptoms, he asked the client to be aware of any memories that may show up.


The client said a memory had come to her of an aunt she hated when she was a child.


This aunt was mean and miserable – and frequently chomped on peanuts! As Robert continued to tap on the client, she remembered that this aunt would hit her with a rolling pin, and that as a child, she noticed that the end of the rolling pin reminded her of the shape of a peanut.


By tapping out the emotional reaction this client had to that aunt, the client’s physical experience changed.


She no longer had the same reaction to peanuts.


So, what happened there?

During the traumatic emotional experiences the client had in her childhood with her aunt, the fact that her aunt frequently ate peanuts and that the end of the weapon she used against the little girl resembled a peanut caused her subconscious to register the connection between peanuts and emotional and physical danger.


This resulted in a reference in her subconscious that peanuts are life-threatening.


Therefore, when she ate, saw, or even thought of a peanut, her subconscious would trigger her immune system to react as if she was being exposed to something poisonous – hence the anaphylaxis.


By using the Faster EFT process, Robert was able to disrupt that signal between mind and body, and change the reference in the subconscious so that it no longer saw peanuts as a threat.


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