How do I Know When I’m Done Tapping on a Topic?

You will know you’re done when the way you feel and any memories have completely changed. If the bad feelings or thoughts have reduced but have not completely gone, you’re not done yet. If the memory has changed, but is still not positive, you’re not done yet. The bad feelings will be replaced by good ones; the memories will change to positive – you just need to keep going until they do.

Stopping when the thing that was bothering you is better but not completely changed is like pulling a few weeds from your garden, so that there aren’t as many left; or cutting them down so that they are smaller. They will grow back because you have not removed them. If you feel a little bit of the problem (no matter how tiny) it has not been changed and it can easily come back.


If there is even a faint remnant of the bad feeling remaining, you need to tap again. Fortunately, tapping doesn’t take long, so it’s worth making absolutely certain that you have completely changed that emotional reference. The bad feeling should be replaced by a good feeling – a feeling of love, gratitude, excitement, happiness or peace. And this will happen automatically if you keep tapping until it does.


If the memory hasn’t flipped, you’re not done yet. If the expressions on your own face and the faces of anyone else in the memory are not smiles, you’re not done yet. In other words, if the expressions of anger or fear have gone and the faces are now just blank, you’re not done yet. Tap on the blankness. Tap on the lack of expression. Those faces will eventually smile – and it is only once that happens that you are done. The smiles are the sign that the original subconscious record has changed. If there are no smiles, the original record held in the subconscious has not yet changed.

Physical Symptoms

When you are addressing pain or any other physical symptoms, if it is not as bad as it was, you’re not done yet. As long as there is any of that symptom left, you’re not done yet. Keep tapping until it has completely gone. It will go; it may just take some time. Keep going. If you need to take a break and come back later, that is fine – but be sure to come back and tap on it later. Don’t leave it – think of the weed.

In Short:

The key to success is to keep going until you have completely changed the record. And you will know you have changed the record when you feel no sign of whatever it was that bothered you, you feel good, and the memories you had have flipped.

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