How Faster EFT Can Help Your Child Deal with Nightmares Quickly and Effectively

All children have bad dreams at some point; and whether these are occasional disturbances or regular occurrences, there is a way to help your child not only recover from the nightmare in the moment – that night – but to help them to reduce the frequency of bad dreams.

In addition to this, you can teach your child to use the technique– empowering her to make the changes herself, that will make her feel better. This will do more than simply help her in her experience of bad dreams; it will increase her self-esteem and confidence in other areas of her life as well.

Helping Your Child Deal with Nightmares

How to Help Your Child in the Moment

When your child wakes up from a bad dream, naturally you will reassure her that it’s just a dream, and try to calm her. This may work immediately, or it may take a long time for her to calm down. Using FasterEFT can work quickly and effectively to help your child recover faster from the dream since it works with the subconscious and the body, rather than with just the conscious mind.

Ask your child to think about the dream, and then use the tapping process in: The FasterEFT Technique Step-by-Step, getting your child to repeat the phrases after you, if she will. If she doesn’t repeat the phrases, that’s okay – tap anyway.

You could also demonstrate the technique by tapping on yourself and let her copy you – this is particularly useful if she is too upset to be tapped on. Keep repeating the process, checking back after each round of tapping, to see how much of the bad dream is left. Once all of the bad feelings have gone, be sure to flip the dream so that it is positive.

If you find that it is taking a long time for the emotions to reduce, you could try introducing something funny into the dream; for example: When my son had a nightmare about giant spiders, my mother told him to imagine the spiders on roller-skates. That was the end of the spider nightmare! Suggest changes to the dream that you know your child would find funny.

How to Help Your Child with Recurring Nightmares

If you know your child is having nightmares, but she’s not necessarily waking you in the night with them, show her how to use the technique on herself. Have her think about the dream, notice how it feels, and then go through the tapping process with her.

Do this during the day so that she is wide awake and aware. Once you’ve flipped the dream, remind your child that she now has the power to do this herself whenever she awakens from a nightmare.

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