How FasterEFT Helps When You’re Going through Hell

You’ve probably heard the saying: “When you’re going through Hell, keep going!” Here’s how it applies to transforming your life and creating the life experiences you really want. For many people, it is when they need FasterEFT most that they either forget to use it, or they resist using it.

When you’re in the middle of a tough challenge, and you feel resistant to using FasterEFT, that is a sign you are extremely close to significant change. Your subconscious will resist most when you are closest to changing because change, as far as your subconscious is concerned, is dangerous. For more information on how resistance works and how to get rid of it, read: What You Need to Know About Resistance.

When You're Going Through Hell

When You’re Going Through Hell, Don’t Stop in the Middle of it!

If you had to walk across hot coals in order to get to where you wanted to be, no matter how hot those coals are, you would keep going – you’d be sure to pick up speed, and you would keep going. In fact, to stop in the middle of them would only cause more pain. It is exactly the same with your life challenges and emotional pain.

When you find yourself in the middle of something really bad, keep going. You need to keep going in order to get out the other side! If you stop in the middle of it, that is the equivalent to sitting down on the hot coals and allowing yourself to suffer unnecessarily – for much longer than you need to – instead of continuing to light-foot it as quickly as you can across to the other side!

How to Keep Going When You Just Want it All to Stop

It’s understandable and natural, when you’re going through a particularly bad time, for you to want it all to just stop. However, if you can’t make it stop, you need to keep going through it. And the way to do that is to keep reminding yourself you are not stuck. It may feel as if you’re stuck, but that is an illusion.

Time is moving forward, and you have the choice to stay in your stuff or move forward with time. Use the FasterEFT technique to clear the original records that are causing the challenges you’re experiencing right now.

This will help you to keep going and get to the other side of whatever you’re facing, much quicker.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and focus on how you’re feeling right now. No matter what it is you’re going through, the original cause of your suffering is inside your subconscious (even though it may not feel that way right now). Notice how you feel – notice where you feel it, and how strong that feeling is.

Feel it for the last time. Then follow the steps in the FasterEFT Technique Step-by-Step guide until you have completely changed that feeling.

As you go through the process, you may find that memories come to you – make sure you use the technique to address those as well. In fact, if you can think back to the first time you remember feeling or experiencing what you’re experiencing now, that is even better. Go to that earliest memory, and use the FasterEFT process to flip that memory. Don’t stop until it flips.

If You Find Your Emotions are Overwhelming

When using FasterEFT, the point is to not get too deep into your emotions. Notice how you feel (this is how you aim your subconscious at the problem you want to address) and then take your focus off it while you tap – focus on the feeling of your fingers on your skin. Then, go to your peaceful memory before returning to check what’s left of the bad memory or feeling.

Sometimes, however, when there is a lot of emotional charge attached to a memory, it can be very difficult to pull yourself out of it. If you’re worried about going to a particularly traumatic memory, you may want to see a FasterEFT practitioner to get help with that one.

If you feel confident to address a traumatic memory yourself, here are two things to bear in mind if the emotions overwhelm you. You may want to write these down and keep them next to you as you do the session, to remind yourself:

  1. It’s not real. Right now, what you are experiencing is not actually happening in this moment. The emotions make it feel real – they make it seem as if you’re experiencing it right now, but it not happening in this moment.
  2. When you’re going through Hell, keep going! Keep tapping through it! If you stop in the middle of the emotional pain, you get to keep it. If you keep tapping, you will clear it out – even though it may not seem like it’s ever going to leave. It will. But only if you keep going!

Do something in between that will break the trance of the intense emotions. You may find it difficult to access your peaceful memory when you are particularly deep into the emotions of a bad memory. In this case, do something else to de-fractionate. Jump up and down; put on some music; sing; watch a short funny clip on YouTube; run around the block; dance – do whatever it takes to pull yourself out of that emotional quagmire in the moment. In fact, you could set up a few things before you start your session, so that you’re prepared.

Cue up some music, video clips of babies laughing, or funny clips of baby animals… whatever you feel will break that trance when you’re in the middle of it.

Make Sure You Complete the Job

Once you’ve pulled yourself out of the emotional trance, and de-fractionated, then make sure you go back to see what’s left that still needs to be cleared. Don’t be tempted to distract yourself and escape from the issue or memory you’re working on. Remember – it’s inside you. If you try to escape from it, you’re still taking it with you as you run away!

If you have not completed the process and flipped the memory, it will simply be buried and will still continue to affect your life in a negative way. Make sure you go back to it. It won’t be as intense if you’ve done something to de-fractionate, so don’t worry about getting back into it as deeply. All you need to do is notice how you know it’s still there.

That’s all. You don’t need to get back into it. Just check it. And then tap again. Keep going until you flip it.

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