How FasterEFT Works for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Hi guys. Thanks for checking out my very first blog post! I’ve just wrapped up 10 days of non-stop tapping at Habilitat in Hawaii, and it’s been amazing!   I’m home now, reflecting on all the amazing people I got to work with while I was there. The 12 volunteer FasterEFT practitioners and I helped 84 residents – that’s about 547 man hours of tapping – in just 10 days! The changes were so powerful, you would hardly believe it! Here we all are:

As I was working on videos to upload to YouTube, I was really blown away by what a difference this work makes – not only for the residents, but for me and the other practitioners as well! No one goes unaffected. Watching these videos had me in tears. I’m not even kidding. This video here really expresses why I have given my life to this work and it really touched me deeply. I’m talking to the practitioners and hearing what they have to say about their experiences at Habilitat and it was just so rewarding. I was literally crying tears of awe and gratitude, and I hope you’ll take the time to watch this video to see what it’s all about.

Here’s what Kim Jewell, a Level IV practitioner, had to say about her experience:

 “I have been part of the journey. Being able to be part of that journey has improved my life…It’s made me a better human being.” ~Kim Jewell, Level IV Practitioner

Everyone shared similar sentiments. It was amazing, awe inspiring, and so very rewarding.

That’s a bit from the Team, but I also want to share with you a couple videos showing just how profound FasterEFT can be for the residents. As you’ll see, some of them have been in and out of traditional rehab more than once and were still unable to stay clean. Some knew everything about addiction and recovery there is to know.

But simply knowing this didn’t keep them clean. Why? Because intellectual awareness about addiction isn’t the driving force behind it. Painful emotions, traumatic or negative past experiences, and a lack of emotional skills are what drive addiction. And traditional treatment centers don’t teach their residents how to change these things within themselves.

FasterEFT is so powerful because it addresses how the mind works and changes our inner reactions to the external world. Building emotional intelligence is the key along with releasing the past hurts, pains and self abuse.


I’ll let you watch Steven’s story to see for yourself just how amazing this work is. Here’s a little bit about Steven: he used heroin for 14 years, along with crystal meth and other drugs. He had been in other treatment programs and said that “they’d just teach me !@%$ I already knew.

I could go up and do a presentation.” And in fact, he actually did just that in the last facility he was in! He knew so much they let him teach for two and a half hours! And yet, that still didn’t keep him clean. But FasterEFT made a big impact on him. Watch this to see how:





Another resident, Charles, has had several sessions with our practitioners during his stay at Habilitat. In the video below, you will see him just 21 days into his residency a little over a year ago, and a current follow up with him. Habilitat is his tenth treatment experience and this is the first time since the age of 11 that he’s felt free from his addiction!

These are just two examples of the many others that are posted on my YouTube channel, HealingMagic. I’m approaching 1000 FREE videos that I’ve posted to help people just like you with topics ranging from how FasterEFT works, to weight loss, to anxiety and depression, and so much more. Please check it out.

We go to Habilitat twice a year – in January and again in July- and I know a lot of you guys have wondered how you can come be a part of the team. You have to be at least a Level III certified practitioner to apply.

This work is truly changing the world! I’m genuinely honored and grateful to be able to pass on what I’ve learned to you. I’d love for you to come join us!


* The 12 step system is a good system to start with, it gives you a community, family, and a place to start changing your life because there are like minded people. It does give a good service but the underlying belief system is harmful. The 4th step is where the healing can change you perspective on life IF you can change the memories, but not by merely talking about it. Good people doing the best they can with the LIMITED knowledge they have. We can help the majority of those they do not help.


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