How to Change from Victim to Boss using FasterEFT

You may have heard of a “victim mentality” – the fact is: the way we are designed and the way we develop programs the victim mentality into us. For more information on this read: What Causes the Victim Mentality? Having realized that the “reality” of being at the mercy of the world and people around us is an illusion, it’s time to find a way to change the program from living as a victim to the world around you to being the only boss of yourself. Rather than relying on others, you have the power to take complete control.

The truth is: even though it seems like it, no-one and nothing outside of you can make you feel anything without your cooperation. You are the only captain of your ship; it’s just that since you weren’t aware of it before, your ship has been tossed around by the weather and the currents. This means that, now that you know you are the only one who can captain it, you can take over the controls of your own vessel and choose your experiences. You’re the boss of you.


How to Change from Victim to Boss

Step One

Pick something that bothers you that you feel you have no control over. It could involve other people, or it may involve circumstances that seem to be beyond your control. Think back to where you’ve felt the same feeling in the past. Notice the feeling, and notice the details of the memory. Notice what the feeling feels like, where you feel it in your body, and how strong it is.

Step Two

Using two fingers, gently tap the following meridian points while focusing on the feeling of your fingertips on your skin and saying the phrases (for more guidance on what to say, read: What to Say When Tapping).

Between your eyebrows – “I release and let this go”

Beside your eye – “Let it go”

Under your eye – “It’s okay to let this go now”

Just below your collarbone – “I don’t need it anymore and it’s safe to let it go now”

Step Three

Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out and say “Peace”. Now, go to a peaceful memory – something that feels good – and enjoy that for a moment.

Step Four

Go back to the memory from Step One, and notice what’s different. Notice if the feeling has changed or moved position in your body. Take notice if the intensity is different. Notice if the memory has changed in any way. Just notice what is left.

Step Five

Repeat Steps Two through Four until the feelings have completely changed and the memory has completely flipped.

If any other thoughts and memories come to you during the process, make a note of them, and once you have flipped the original one you were working on, tap on those as well. This is not a one-off exercise since there will be many different aspects that support your subconscious belief that you are powerless against the world around you. This is because you have a lifetime of “proof” of that “reality”.

It will take more than one or two sessions to change it. Every time you catch yourself thinking that something or someone outside of you has any power over you at all, stop and tap on that feeling. You can use Mental Tapping if you’re not in a position to tap physically. The more of those records you clear – the records that support the belief you are powerless – the more empowered you will start to feel, and the more changes you will see in all areas of your life.

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Article by: Robert G. Smith (ghostwritten by Odille Rault)

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