How to Change Negative Thinking using FasterEFT

“Think positively!” Have you ever heard that phrase and wished you could oblige? Choosing to think positively isn’t enough to change habitual negative thinking. The reason is that negative thinking patterns are “wired” in the brain – just as you learn to react to a ball being thrown to you by catching it, and a rock being thrown at you by ducking. You don’t need to stop and consciously think about the decision, and then focus on each movement, you react automatically and instinctively because that reaction is “wired” in your brain.

You’ve learned through your life experience to automatically catch the ball or dodge the rock; and it is now programmed into your subconscious. People who have a negative outlook have the negative reactions programmed into their subconscious. This is what can make it so difficult to change. It’s not a conscious choice; it is a subconscious, automatic pattern.


In addition to this, because this subconscious reaction is based on “evidence” stored in records in the subconscious – in the form of previous experiences and the feelings that go with them – the person genuinely believes what they are thinking and feeling is real, with no other option.

One person’s reaction to hearing their son has received a promotion may be excitement and happiness; another may react with “I wonder how long that will last.” The second person is not necessarily deliberately “being negative” – they genuinely see the promotion as another opportunity for disappointment. This will be based on the records held in their subconscious. It may be that they have a belief that good things are “too good to be true” or “the higher you fly, the further you fall” or “bad always follows good – it’s the way the world stays in balance”.  They may have had disappointments in their past that had a powerful emotional effect on them; and that were stored in the subconscious as a warning against future disappointment.

There are infinite possibilities and combinations of beliefs that can be programmed into the subconscious – and here’s the important bit, the person will probably be unaware of those beliefs. They will think their reaction applies specifically to the current situation – and their conscious mind will find reasons and logic to back that reaction as a result. They may reason that their son is too lazy, or that “people like us aren’t allowed to succeed” or that the job is too demanding. It will seem to them like these are new reasons when in fact they are based on existing records from past experiences.

So, how do you change it?

Using FasterEFT to Change Negative Thinking


In order to change the habit, you need to change the record that is held in the subconscious – which will result in an automatic change in behavior, choices and thinking. In order to change habitual negative thinking using FasterEFT you need to start in the same way you do when using it to change any problem – by noticing how you know.

How do you know you have negative thoughts or a negative outlook? Notice how that feels, where in your body you feel it, and how strong it is. Then use the FasterEFT process to address that feeling. Go back and check to see if the feeling is still there, notice how it’s changed, and continue with the process until it has flipped.

You will probably find other thoughts and memories come to you as you are tapping – your subconscious is bringing forward the records and references that support your negative thinking. As they come up, tap on those too. Every memory or thought that comes up as you are tapping, address it too. Keep going until you have cleared them all.


It is very important, once you have cleared out the negativity, to keep yourself clean by tapping every time a negative thought or memory comes up for you. As you go about your day, become aware of what you are feeling and thinking, and tap in the moment. Be aware that thoughts such as “This doesn’t work” and “This is stupid, I’m not going to do it” will probably also come up – the resistance as you get closer to changing. Do it anyway. Reason with yourself that if it doesn’t do anything, it certainly can’t hurt, so why not just do it anyway – as an exercise.

Remember, you can do mental tapping if there are people around. Tapping in the moment as you go is like cleaning your teeth or vacuuming your house – you are keeping the dirt from building up again.

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