How to Deal with Crazy Behaviors, Suicidal Thoughts and Buried Memories

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How to Deal with Crazy Behaviors, Suicidal Thoughts and Buried Memories: A Therapist’s Perspective

Written by: Diana Rose Kottle, M.A., MFT – Dec 18, 2012

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How to deal with crazy behaviors, suicidal thoughts and buried memories?

In this video Robert addresses how to deal with suicide, traumatic memories that you don’t know that are there, sexual abuse and traumas. It is the best practice to work with a qualified FasterEFT practitioner if you feel over your head with these issues.

The FasterEFT system is designed to work with the biggest darkest stuff and as a practitioner you have to get in and get out without getting stuck in there. The idea is to transform and draw out whatever it is that keeps the client stuck. It is important to learn how to be an investigator, and to develop your FasterEFT skills to help people who are struggling with these types of issues. Transform whatever it is that keeps you stuck and keeps you from feeling peaceful and happy inside.

Traditional therapy is very time consuming. There is a great emphasis on creating a safe container (safe space), building rapport and then providing corrective emotional experiences, which hopefully the client will then generalize to the world outside of the therapy room. In FasterEFT rapport is important as well, however it is created quickly and largely on an unconscious level with the client. This way you can get in and clean up the mess without getting caught in the details or the story. FasterEFT is able to create fast changes with deep emotional traumas that talk therapy simply can’t touch.

Robert recently worked with a woman who felt crazy, suicidal and experienced inappropriate behaviors her entire life. She had very little memories of her childhood, experienced behaviors that didn’t make sense and she felt over sensitive. Memories began to show up once they started their work together that made these †˜strange’ behaviors make sense. The patterns of her life became clear once these memories were uncovered. This is common with tapping. Often you will begin to tap on something and it uncovers a whole mess of related events and issue to untangle.

It is common for past childhood trauma to be blocked out so you can’t see it but it shows up in strange and bizarre ways in your life.  Your unconscious mind does this in an attempt to protect you.

How do you deal with this? The grunt work is to clean it up, transform it and let it go.  People would rather die than look inside at some of this because it is so big. They would rather be sick, eat a pie, run or numb, to avoid having to feel this deep level of pain and look inside.

This is not work for the faint of heart.   With a good FEFT practitioner you can go in clean this up and make big changes. The intention is to always try to put the power back into the individual as they are the creators of their memories and feelings. Whatever happened back then is over now, however it is recorded data in the mind.

Release the emotional intensity and how you recorded the data. Make peace with this part of yourself, which is really just you, and your life will change. When you have peace you are in control. Transform that little child inside of you and your life changes. We put you in the drivers seat to start tapping on yourself. Find yourself a good practitioner to help you make these big changes. Keep on tapping on yourself, take full responsibility and change your life. On the other side there are nothing but rainbows. Let go of your pain to access this place. Learn to like yourself from the inside out.

This is big deep work, so find a good FasterEFT practitioner to help you clean this up and support you on your journey.

Written by: Diana Rose Kottle, M.A., MFT



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