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While FasterEFT is extremely effective – especially if you use it in the heat of the moment – you may feel self-conscious about tapping when other people are around. The great news is that you do not need to physically tap for the technique to be effective! Mental tapping will enable you to tap in the moment rather than waiting until you are alone, and it will still provide the effects.


The most effective time to tap is right in the middle of the moment – while you are feeling the feeling. Waiting until later and tapping after the fact also works since when you remember the feeling, your body will respond in the same way. This will allow you to aim correctly; but tapping in the moment is even more effective.

Why is it Effective to Tap in the Moment?

There are three main reasons for this:

  1. Tapping in the moment means you are automatically aiming at what you want to change. The feelings are already there, and they are already strong.
  1. You will nip the problem in the bud. This is the most important reason for tapping in the moment rather than waiting until later. If you do not tap in the moment; and instead, you wait until later, it means you will spend a longer time feeling those negative feelings.

This has a knock-on effect on not only your body and health, but also on the way you respond to the world around you during that time. It will affect your choices, decisions, actions, communications, problem-solving ability, and so much more. Clearing the negative feelings and thoughts in the moment means that you are back to normal sooner, which will enable you to benefit from feeling good for longer. It will also prevent you from experiencing spirals or snowballing of bad feelings.

  1. Tapping in the moment means you will definitely address that problem. Leaving it until later means you run the risk of either forgetting about it (although it will still be there subconsciously) or deciding not to tap on it later because you’re too tired, or it doesn’t seem such a “big deal” now.

The problem with this is that the subconscious doesn’t forget; and while your conscious mind may not be aware of it, that experience will be affecting you subconsciously – just like the other records it holds. The only way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to clear it out so that you are free from it.

How to do Mental Tapping:

Step One

Notice how you know you have a problem – just as you do with the physical tapping technique. Notice what it feels like, where in your body you feel it, and how strong it is.

Step Two

Imagine tapping on the four meridian points, and imagine the feeling of your fingertips on your skin as you do this. Repeat the phrases “I release and let this go”, “It’s safe to let it go now” etc. in your mind as you imagine your fingers tapping.

Step Three

Imagine grabbing your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out, say “Peace” in your mind, and remember a peaceful memory.

Step Four

Check to see if the feeling you had that bothered you is still there. If it is (even just a little bit) repeat Steps Two to Four again until the feeling has completely flipped.

Why Does Mental Tapping Work?

Your subconscious knows what you’re doing. It responds to your imagination – in exactly the same way it responds when you think of a memory and feel it. When you think of eating an orange, you can taste it and smell it. You don’t physically have the orange, but your subconscious knows from experience what it smells like, feels like and tastes like. Professional athletes spend a lot of time training mentally as well as physically – because studies have shown that the body responds just by thinking. Mental tapping is the same – when you imagine tapping, your subconscious responds as if you are physically tapping.

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