How to Find Out What You Want – Use Faster EFT to Find Your Genuine Desires

For some people, the challenge is finding a way to get what they want. For others knowing what they want in the first place is the problem. There is a way to find out what you want that is not only easy, but also effective.

It’s the best method for finding out what you really want, and what is best for you.

How to Find Out What You Want

Even those who think they know what they want may in fact be misleading themselves. What you want is affected by what you hold. In other words, the “evidence” and “proof” you carry in your subconscious of who you are, how the world works, and what reality is, will be the foundation for what you want.

For example, Andrew, who carries the belief (based on the records held in his subconscious from his life experiences to date) that life is hard and the world is cruel, may want to be happy. This is not surprising since it is essentially what most people want. However, the way in which this desire shows up will be based on the subconscious data he carries.

And based on this data, his subconscious may calculate that in order to stay in alignment with “reality” he needs to be striving and struggling – he needs to work hard to get what he wants. It may also carry “evidence” that being peaceful, calm and relaxed is dangerous.

The subconscious will then prompt the brain to trigger the organs to produce chemicals that create certain impulses and sensations. The impulses and sensations will be interpreted by the conscious mind, and will result in decisions, actions, behaviors and desires. Andrew may then find himself feeling strongly that he really wants to start his own business as a consultant.

The Difference Between Success

All results are success – even if they’re not the results you’re looking for. All results are success based on the data held in the subconscious. The difference between experiencing results you want, and results you don’t want is the subconscious records you hold. Your decisions, actions, and behaviors are all automatic responses to that data.

The reason one person can start their own consultancy business and experience great success, while another (even if they follow the same business plan) can experience “bad luck” or unseen crippling challenges, is their subconscious records. The first person holds “evidence” in their subconscious that they are worthy and capable, and that the world is a safe and supportive place. The second person holds “evidence” that life is hard, and that, in order to stay in alignment with “reality” there has to be struggle.

The Difference Between Desires

If Andrew changes those records in his subconscious so that they now contain “proof” that life is easy, being calm, relaxed and peaceful is safe, and that he is worthy and capable, he will experience different results.

He may find that he no longer has a desire to start his own consultancy business. He may find he wants to do something completely difference. This will be because his subconscious is now calculating using completely different data – and prompting his brain accordingly.

Or, he may realize that he still wants to start his own consultancy business; but he will now experience his goals very differently. His decisions, cognitive thinking, ability to see opportunities and solutions, behaviors, communications skills, and the actions he takes, will all be different. And this can lead him to the results he really wants.

How to Find Out What You Want

Start with what you don’t want. Start by making a list of what you don’t want in your life. Use FasterEFT to clear all memories around those “don’t wants”. And as you do, you will start to discover, not only what you do want, but how to get it!

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