I’m Blogging Through The Faster EFT Level I Training in Oklahoma City!

Hi. My name is Kathilyn. I’ll be guest-blogging during the Faster EFT Level I Training (OKC, Feb. 20 – 27, 2015). Robert has asked me to share how I first came to Faster EFT (Emotionally Focused Transformation), considering that I’ve been an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner for a number of years now, and the two techniques are not aligned in many people’s minds.

Brief back story: About 2001, after experiencing significant physical and emotional trauma and PTSD,

my life changed from one of status, stability, good money, marriage, independence, and a Manhattan address to one of fear, tumult, welfare, single-parenthood, fibromyalgia, and a temporary room in my parents’ Minnesota home.

I was in therapy, I suppose you might say I was inhaling EMDR, but it wasn’t helping me effect the changes I needed to make to regain healthy footing in the world. About that time, Renee Brown (a mentor, teacher, and later a Faster EFT Practitioner) introduced me to EFT tapping, which ultimately played a primary role in healing the fibromyalgia, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

And later, it was Renee who demonstrated Faster EFT to me in March 2014. That first experience blew me away. Because for the first time ever, I understood that I really could change (not just neutralize the emotional charge from) my bad memories as if they had never happened the way that I had experienced them the first time as happening. Matrix Reimprinting had never worked for me in that way, either.

With that one Faster EFT session with Renee I understood I could even obliterate the pathways to specific traumatic events so my mind wouldn’t go back to the “bad” thing anymore, but instead traveled straight to a positive, joyful childhood memory that I had created on the spot in the session (No tears, humiliation, and upset; rather, Dad at the dinner table strumming an Elvis Presley tune, two siblings singing along brimming with joy, Mom doing chorus, and another sibling and myself up on the table dancing).

That shift had impact, across my whole family. That was frickin’ amazing. I wanted more. But that happened just this past year, and a few years back, as a working EFT practitioner, when I came across Robert G. Smith and Faster EFT online for the first time, at a time when the tapping world appeared to be in disarray, I said to myself: Faster EFT? Yeah, right. It’s just another loser who is capitalizing on EFT’s name.”

I got mad (or activated, triggered, had my buttons pressed, went into trance, whatever you want to call it) instead. I was angry about all the tapping practitioners in the tapping world who seemed to be drawing on the EFT cachet to lure gullible people desperate to heal onto their websites, into their credentialing systems, and to pocket said people’s money—without actually helping them resolve their problems. And Robert had a southern accent. That made him more suspect (probably because whenever I meet someone with a Southern accent I’m always hearing in my mind “The South shall rise again!”) And that, for the time being, was that.

Eventually, I watched a few of Robert’s videos — there were (are) a lot of them with relevant subjects. He appeared honest and was putting himself out there. His work was deep. That impressed me. And then mentor and teacher Renee and her husband Ken Brown returned from their Level 1 Faster EFT Trainings, and you know the rest. I wonder how much of the effect is because Renee is so masterful, and how much of it is Faster EFT, but I’ll soon find out because I’m going to have several sessions with other practitioners.

I’m part of a Faster EFT Study Group, begun in May, and continue to practice EFT in my professional sessions. To simplify and be brief, the type of tapping I do addresses troubling events by clearing out all the “charges” all the way down to their roots. It will be interesting to see the differences and similarities between the two techniques.

I wrote to Robert: “I’ve got many problems, and would be happy to volunteer in the ‘magic chair.”

He wrote back: “I can’t promise . . . I let the spirit lead me.”

I’m good with that. I’m thrilled to go. And to learn. It feels like a lot of “stuff” is going to come up. Already has. It feels like it’s going to be life changing. I woke up this morning with this thought: I LOVE MY LIFE! That’s not how I felt about a month back.


Kathilyn is an accredited advanced EFT practitioner (since 2003) and a tapping trainer and mentor. She draws on other holistic modalities when and as appropriate to help her clients obtain relief from emotional and physical challenges. She is a working editor, writer, and creative director-ess. Her 8th book, Tapping Into Wellness: Using EFT to Clear Emotional and Physical Pain and Illness, is due out this fall (Llewellyn).

Kathilyn is a practicing herbalist, drawing inspiration and support from her deep love and connection with the earth. She explores, teaches, and is nourished by the sacred, esoteric language of Hebrew. She is grateful to be the mother of an amazing 16-year-old who continually surprises and delights her.

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