Improving Self-Concept Through FasterEFT Memory Reimprinting

Self-concept is the image and “belief” we hold about ourselves. We will talk about how it is formed, changed and can be reimprinted. FasterEFT is a mental healing system that helps people align their self-concept to achieve their goals. This idea of self-concept is developed in various ways.

Our self-image is formed through the imprints of memories we have accumulated since we were children. It is greatly influenced by the important people within our lives.

Improving Self-Concept Through FasterEFT Memory ReimprintingLet’s Talk About Self-Concept – Definition

In general psychology, self-concept is described as our general perception of our behavior, abilities, and character. In other words, self-concept is the sum total of the image we hold within our mind about ourselves, together with other attributes. It is the picture that determines who we think we are as a person.

During our formative years, our self-concept is more fluid. How we identify ourselves in relation to the world and the people around us is not yet as solidified in our mind, as it is by the time we reach early adulthood.

As we continue to gather information about how the world works through experiences, how we identify ourselves changes over time. Nonetheless, to say one’s self-concept is set in stone is false.

It does, however, become more detailed and organized as we continue to build networks of mental patterns through collected memories which hold emotions that trigger our character.

We are multi-faceted beings and we identify ourselves with different perceptions. Our individual self is that which makes us different from the rest. It consists of personality traits unique to an individual.

Yet there is another way of identifying ourselves, which is how we relate to another person; the relational self is that which helps you identify your relations to others, for example as a lover, brother, sister, wife, etc.

Finally, there is a collective sense of being part of a social or cultural group, for example, identifying as Americans, Australians, Greeks, British etc.


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Self-concept vs. Self-image, Self-Esteem and the Ideal Self

It is important to understand that self-image does not necessarily always align with reality. Some people have an inflated self-image while others may have a deflated one. In some instances, there are people who think they are better at something than they actually are.

While other people may have the exact opposite, they hold a very negative self-image wherein they exaggerate their flaws.

Self-image is a part of self-concept. The two terms are widely interchangeable that often get people confused. Self-concept is an overall perception about ourselves, it goes above and beyond the image of who we think we are.

Self-esteem on the other hand is how we appraise our values as an individual. How we raise or drop our self-esteem is dependent on our emotional health. People who have high self-esteem are those who have a greater understanding about their emotions.

It is easier for them to block ideas coming from other people, cultures and trends if it can affect their self-esteem.

Self-esteem is also another important aspect of self-concept. It is that aspect of self that has a direct access to our emotional compass that triggers within us certain traits and personalities.

Another very interesting aspect of self-concept is the ideal self, which is mostly misaligned. It is that aspect that causes us to be frustrated by ourselves because how we see our ideal self is so different from how we live our current reality.


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Role of FasterEFT in Calibrating Self-Concept

No other mental healing system, other than FasterEFT, focuses on the importance of self-concept for an individual. More often than not, other modalities will only focus on the accompanying symptoms of a problem, they don’t tackle the subject of the importance of calibrating self-concept.

FasterEFT holds a complete understanding that overall healing means that a person becomes more aligned with their true nature. Problems arise when our self-concept is challenged, a person who holds a distorted view of themselves will definitely be problematic, as in the cases of addictions and other behavioral disorders.

The role of FasterEFT in calibrating self-concept is by helping an individual release the emotions and memories associated with the distortion of self-concept. Not only dealing with distortions or problems arising from your self-image, but also a distortion of self-concept in its entirety.

imprints from Faster EFT on Vimeo.


Understanding Incongruence in Self-Concept

Incongruence occurs when reality does not match the self-concept a person holds. To the person who is suffering, everything is real as that’s what the individual’s mind dictates.

However, those who observe from the outside, they will definitely notice the distortion. To some degree it may be unnoticeable and acceptable, but for severe cases such as in Body Dysmorphic Disorder(BDD), the incongruence becomes wide and it appears to be difficult to realign the self-concept to natural or normal values.

Incongruence has its roots in memories, perhaps from early childhood or early adult life. FasterEFT understands that the conditions in which the person was placed or displaced that can cause incongruence in self-concept. This leads the person to believe the active imprints within the subconscious over reality.

The only resolution that is highly effective in improving self-concept or realigning self-concept in some common to complex disorders is to reimprint the memories causing the problem.

When a memory holding the highest frequency of emotions is reimprinted, the mental patterns causing the incongruence in self-concept will automatically collapse and be replaced with something that is more in alignment to what is normal and real.


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