Justifying your anger – FasterEFT explains Why we do that

Do you find yourself justifying getting angry at your spouse, co-worker, child, parents, relatives? And you find really good reasons to do that. In fact, you’re so good at it, you’ve made it a hobby of making others feel bad.

You do this so often that others find it hard to live with you. You cause all close personal relationships to disintegrate – in short you are pushing them away.

So, are they doing them to prompt you to act this way? No. The reality is that you are doing this to you.

And this behavior probably doesn’t stem from you, it’s from memories in your past. Maybe you saw your father treating your mother this way, and you as a child, unconsciously accepted this behavior as the norm.



So how do you break this destructive cycle?

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. In your mind’s eye you see your father. You’ve grown up to become just  like your father. You saw him victimize your mother, and so you end up marrying someone whom you can victimize.

You think you are both the victimiser and the victim, but the truth is, you have made yourself this way by accepting negative beliefs about who you really are.

It’s easier to blame your spouse than accept responsibility. Close your eyes and see your father. Notice how he treats her, really feel the emotions behind it.

Look at her face, look at his face, feel those emotions when you look at your spouse. This feeling inside you, it seems familiar, and it feels awful, don’t worry, and really amp it up. Make yourself feel the worse you can.

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Learn to forgive yourself

Once you release the emotional pain behind the reason to blame your spouse or anyone else, you’ll notice a difference in the way you feel towards them. You will not find the need to blame your spouse anymore.

You think the problem lies with your spouse. He/she does not take responsibility for you, or your happiness. The truth is that happiness based on other people is always transient. More often than not, we expect and project a whole lot onto the other person. We expect them to fulfil all our needs and wants. And when they fall short we can triumphantly shout, “Aha! I knew you would let me down!”

The fact of the matter is, you are letting yourself down. There is a hidden belief within your mind, that says that in order to be happy, the other person must behave according to your standards.

Your spouse may the nicest person on the planet, but for you, they become your punching bag. You know you consciously that shouldn’t blame them for all your problems, but you can’t help it. This compulsion to blame is an addiction of sorts, one you can break with FasterEFT.


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How can FasterEFT help?

FasterEFT holds a complete understanding on how memory manipulation and reimprinting can be used to collapse these mental patterns. To be exact, the information we hold within our subconscious  mind shapes our behavior and conscious choices.

This means that in order to change our behavior and choose a more peaceful, calm and healthy approach to life, we need this information within the subconscious to first change.

It is not impossible to do, in fact, it only requires techniques introduced and taught in FasterEFT.

Memory manipulation is one of them. It can help you eradicate the source of thoughts causing you to overthink and those that fuel anger and other destructive thoughts.

If the emotions causing those memories to be active are released, they will no longer contribute to serve as the mind’s basis for formulating an angry reaction.

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It feels Good to be Angry

Now that you know that your behavior is rooted within the mind and can be changed, there is hope. It’s not easy, but with persistence and dedication, it can be done.

Remember, it is not you who is an angry, vengeful person. Rather it is the memories you hold within that cause you to behave this way. Change the memory and so will your behavior.

Watch this video of how Robert helps this lady clear her anger issues step by step:



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