You Know You Want to Keep Your Problems When…

Who would want to keep their problems? The fact that they are problems would indicate that they’re unwanted, right? Not necessarily. While the conscious part of you may be serious about solving your problems, there’s another, stronger part of you that may not only want to hold onto them but may consider your problems essential to your survival.

You may be consciously unaware of this part of you, but there are certain signs you can look out for that will give it away – and there are steps you can take to get that part of you on board with your conscious desires!

You Know You Want to Keep Your Problems When...

Signs that a Part of You Wants to Keep Your Problems

The following signs indicate that, regardless of how much you consciously want to solve your problems, a part of you is determined to keep them.

1. Even though you really want a solution to your problem, you find plenty of good reasons why you can’t.


2. You resist the fact that, regardless of who else or what else is involved, the answer lies inside you. Even though this is empowering – allowing you to change your life without needing to rely on anyone else or anything outside of yourself – you resist the idea, and insist that the problems are beyond your own control.


3. You distract yourself in order to feel better, rather than using FasterEFT to clear the original records that are causing the problem.


4. You allow yourself to get into full flow with the negative emotions – even though you know that the only really effective solution is to use FasterEFT to tap it out immediately instead of getting carried away with the situation itself.


5. You delay tapping in the moment. Tapping in the moment is the most powerful way to resolve problems; and Mental Tapping means you can address the issue in the moment, even when you are in public or doing something that means you can’t tap physically. If you won’t even tap mentally, you can be sure there is a part of you that does not want to let that problem go.


6. You find yourself doubting that FasterEFT works. Despite the hundreds of testimonials on YouTube, and your own personal experiences of the power of the FasterEFT technique; and despite the fact that it is hardly strenuous exercise, takes very little time and no money, you decide to not use it because something inside you doubts it. If this is the case, that something inside you that is doubting is the part of you that wants to hold onto your problem.

If you consciously really want to solve your problems, you need to get past that part of you that wants to keep them.

Use the FasterEFT technique to clear that resistance, to allow yourself to move forward.

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