When Loved Ones Won’t Listen About Faster EFT

If you’re experiencing wonderful results from using FasterEFT, one thing that can tend to put a damper on your enjoyment is watching your loved ones continue to struggle. It is a natural, human instinct to want to share what’s working for you, with those you care about; however, not everyone will be willing to take the steps you’ve taken in order to improve their lives.

This can be frustrating and sad when you know that if they only followed in your footsteps, they could achieve the same level of success and relief from whatever challenges they’re facing.

Although it’s difficult, it is important to remember that each person is responsible for their own experiences; and you are the only person you have control over. Here are a few tips to help you to deal with this challenge without alienating your friends.

When Loved Ones Won't Listen

Letting Go

While you don’t need to let go of your loved ones, you do need to let go of your judgement and ideas of what they should do. It’s difficult to watch a loved one suffer and not feel compelled to force help on them; but you do risk alienating them if you try to force it.

Use FasterEFT to let go of the feelings of frustration and any other bad feelings you may have. Think of your loved one, notice how you feel about the fact that they are choosing to stay where they are, even though they have the option to create more happiness by making the effort to follow your example; and then use the FasterEFT technique to change whatever’s there that is bothering you.

Offering vs Insisting

If someone is hungry, you can offer food to them, but you can’t force them to eat it. And there’s a big difference between being offered something and someone insisting you have it – no matter how good it may be.

Sharing FasterEFT with those you care about, telling them how it helped you, and letting them know where they can learn more if they’re interested is making sure they have the option if they choose it; nagging them about it will most likely put them off even considering it.

Be the Example

The best way to help others is to lead by example rather than trying to convince them. Live your life as fully as you can; and the happier you are, the brighter you shine, and the better the example you’re setting to those who really want to improve their own lives.

How to Deal with Those Who Complain

Once you’ve given those you love the information on FasterEFT, and they have the option to follow your example to transform their lives, it can be frustrating to listen to them complain about their problems when you know the solution is so simple and is in their hands, but they’re refusing to use it.

However, feeling frustrated, of course, is not going to help either of you.

Remind yourself that you cannot change anyone outside of yourself; and as long as they know about the solution, it is their own choice whether to use it or not. Then, notice your feelings, and use FasterEFT to address those. Use Mental Tapping in the moment if you can’t tap physically. Change your own records that are causing these feelings, and you’ll change your experience. Your friends may or may not change, but either way, you will experience peace.

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