The Mental Approach to Pain and Stress Management

Many of us think that physical pain is just that – physical. Whether it’s a persistent backache, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety brought on by stress – these are just the symptoms caused by something greater.

It’s important to recognize the fact that the brain controls all the vital functions of the body. In FasterEFT we’ve done extensive research on people, by speaking to them before and after using FasterEFT tapping, that shows that it’s all contained within the mind.

Letting go of the past to heal pain

A client of Robert’s who was experiencing back pain was skeptical that letting go of past experiences could heal his back pain since the pain was physical and very real. That client, let’s call him John (to protect his privacy), had tried everything he could think of.

John wore a back brace while he worked in order to try to relieve some of the pressure, and had also been seeing a chiropractor and doing exercises to try to reduce the pain.

The brain stores the trauma from past experiences in the body. These are called memories, and you could test that right now: Think of something that bothers you, and notice how you know it bothers you – you will feel some kind of sensation in your body.

You know it bothers you because you feel it in your stomach, or your neck, or your back, or your chest, or anywhere else in your body. When you change the record that is stored in the brain, it will automatically result in a change in the way your body feels.

Memories are stored emotions

We’ve discussed above how if the pain was purely physical, it would not change, regardless of changes in emotions, thoughts and tapping. The brain stores emotions in the body. These emotions whether good or bad are felt as pain, joy, excitement, anger, jealousy, awe, happiness, fear etc. John had been carrying his feelings of guilt in his lower back; and when those emotions were released, the brain no longer triggered the pain in his back.

So how did he release those emotions? Well Robert used the FasterEFT tapping technique on him. Robert asked John to notice how the pain felt – whether it was a sharp pain, a dull pain or pressure; and he clarified that it was a sharp, constant pain that he could feel right across his lower back. Robert asked the client to remember the first time he felt the pain, and he remembered waking up in the morning, feeling it.

Robert the tapped on letting go of the helpless feelings and feelings of no control, using the FasterEFT tapping technique. Robert tapped on feelings that no-one supported him; emotional hurts and financial stress – releasing and letting it all go.

The results? After a few rounds of tapping, the pain dramatically reduced to a manageable level, and the John realized that he was carrying guilt for being angry with his mother. Robert asked him to notice those feeling of the guilt, and then tapped out those feelings, and the back pain disappeared.

It’s interesting to notice that he did not need to know the emotional cause of the pain – he was initially aiming at the feeling of the pain itself; and as the tapping continued, John’s subconscious accessed the records it held that were connected to that pain. As a result, the realization of the guilt came to him automatically.

This is just one example of how FasterEFT can help combat stress and pain. It doesn’t have to be something you have to live with. It’s easier to see that pain, stress or chronic worry as an opportunity to do some mental housekeeping.

Watch this video for a real life example of how FasterEFT helped remove the pain that had been weighing her down for so long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIi2SuKxqCo

FasterEFT and Traumatic Stress Responses

Sometimes chronic stress takes on the shape of something ugly and scarring. We’re referring to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We are in no way recommending that a physician or doctor not be your first port of call. In fact, FasterEFT works better because it directly addresses the cause behind PTSD. As we’ve mentioned before, FasterEFT works with the mind and not only with the severity of the symptoms.

This means that an individual who uses the FasterEFT techniques of tapping, A.R.T. of change, memory reimprinting, is able to collapse the structure of the disorder with its related triggers and symptoms. This is accomplished through FasterEFT memory reimprinting, whereby the previous harmful or negative memories are replaced with something more pleasant.

By doing this, the references used by the mind stored within the subconscious are flipped. When those negative or hurtful experiences or references are gone, incoming events no longer are filtered through previous records that create negative thought patterns and cause unpleasant behavior and other negative physiological responses.

Though this is a very simplified explanation of how FasterEFT works to help with PTSD, these are the general guidelines.

For a more detailed explanation on PTSD and how FasterEFT can help, read this: https://fastereft.com/blog/fastereft-ends-traumatic-stress-responses/

Chronic Stress – A way out

Stress comes to us in many shapes, sizes and forms. Sometimes it can the thought of meeting someone that throws you into a tailspin, or it can be how other people might perceive you, or worries about the future. Whatever the cause, it can be changed and eradicated using FasterEFT stress management.

Suppose you have a problem with being seen with the certain people at social gatherings, and it’s become this phobia of sorts. You’re constantly thinking and worrying about it, while you’re at work, when you’re at home, doing chores, as you go to bed etc. You don’t want to be associated with “this group of people” because some of them act strangely, talk too loud, don’t dress well, and attract attention because of their strange behavior.

This becomes a particular problem during social outings. Before attending a certain upcoming birthday party, you managed to make yourself physically sick ill because of the intensity of the stress you were experiencing in anticipation of having to be out with the group.

Now another party is coming up, but by now you’ve heard about FasterEFT. So this time, before the party, you ask a FasterEFT practitioner if they can help you with this stress. The practitioner happily agrees, and after the session is over; not only is the stress completely gone, leaving you happy and smiling, but you actually enjoy the party!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Another form of extreme stress is the chronic fatigue syndrome. This is the result of living in a highly stressful state, day in and day out, over a prolonged period of time. Although there are many reported cures out there for chronic fatigue, FasterEFT has helped many of those with the condition to free themselves from it – permanently.

Medical professionals are only able to offer medications that are designed to help treat the symptoms. However, as is the case with mosts problems – from physical ailments to life-long patterns – the real cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is in the records that are held within the subconscious mind.

Chronic fatigue is not a disease; it is the result of the body following perfectly what the subconscious holds. Change the information in the subconscious, and the body will follow automatically. That’s the exciting part about working with FasterEFT! You can transform yourself into a carefree, happy and energetic individual.


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The hidden driver

As we’ve mentioned before, the mind is the brain in action – the mind is what the brain does. Thoughts are connections between neurons (nerve cells) in your neocortex. These connections trigger other physiological processes in the brain and body, including the production of chemicals in the limbic brain.

These chemicals produce various results throughout the body. Since the brain controls bodily functions, and the mind is the brain in action, the mind has a direct effect on the body.

So considering the fact that the brain controls the nervous system, and the rest of the body, it’s not a stretch to understand the connection between the activity in the brain and the physical symptoms of the stress.

When you’re under constant stress, over a number of years, your brain is constantly flooding your body with stress hormones, resulting in chronic stress and fatigue. Since the mind is the brain in action, and the brain controls the body – who’s controlling the mind? You may think that you are in control of your mind – you may think that your thoughts, decisions and choices are conscious; however, the truth is that most of what your mind does is unconscious.

You will notice that you are not making conscious choices in every single thought, choice and decision. So, who’s the driver? The subconscious mind prompts the brain to trigger various processes in the body, and then the conscious mind, registering the sensations of these processes, gives meaning to them – and reacts accordingly with thoughts, decisions and choices.

This is why using “positive thinking” only, will not cure your stress. It is not your conscious thinking that is in charge. You may consciously be thinking positively, but it is the data in your subconscious that is driving your brain and body.

If you have chronic stress or chronic fatigue syndrome (or any other condition), you will have a structure of data or “proof” within your subconscious that it is referring to, in order to produce the symptoms.

In other words: Your subconscious is referring to certain information that provides evidence of “reality” (for more detail on this, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems), and it is then prompting your brain to trigger the responses in your body that produce the symptoms that are recognized as fibromyalgia.

For more on the physical effects of your emotions, read: How Can Emotions Affect Physical Health?

The cure

Instead of simply trying to treat the symptoms, addressing the original cause will help you to free yourself from the condition – permanently. Think of it as baking a cake.

You can change the temperature of the oven, or buy another utensil to bake in, or even eating the ingredients raw, but it is only by changing the ingredients in your recipe, that you will be able to bake a cake that you desire to eat. FasterEFT enables you to change the ingredients of your life.

It’s very easy! Think back to when you first noticed the symptoms. Make a note of anything that was going on at that time. Were there any stressors or triggers around the time you can remember first experiencing the symptoms?

Don’t worry if you can’t remember anything specific happening at that time. Fortunately, since FasterEFT works directly with the subconscious, and since your subconscious is able to access information your conscious mind doesn’t have access to, you don’t need to know what the original cause is in order to change it.

If you do remember something specific happening around that time, use the FasterEFT Technique to address it and flip the memories. If you don’t remember anything around that time, simply make a note of any traumas or other stressful events that you’ve had in your life.

There’s no need to remember them in detail or to write descriptions; simply write one or two words to identify them for yourself – as you would a shopping list. Then, use the FasterEFT Technique to address each one until it flips.

As you go through the memories, you may well experience various physical sensations and symptoms – it is crucial you keep tapping until they have changed. If you are finding it difficult and you need help, tap along with some of the YouTube videos, or speak to a Certified FasterEFT Practitioner.

This is important

In order to truly free yourself from stress, or to be able to manage it effectively, you need to be thorough. This is not just about relieving the pain or fatigue for a while. It’s not about the symptoms at all. This is about cleaning up the data you are carrying that your subconscious is constantly referring to.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they become free from the symptoms using FasterEFT is they stop using it. If you stop using your toothbrush, you will develop cavities in your teeth and gum disease. If you stop using FasterEFT, you will allow the bad stuff to build up again. Just like cleaning your house, washing the dishes, taking a shower, weeding the garden, you need to keep your mind clean by using FasterEFT on an ongoing basis.

Whenever you feel less than good, notice how you feel, notice how you know you feel it, and then tap it out until it flips. If it reminds you of an event from your past, clear and flip that memory. Using it in the moment is the most powerful method – use Mental Tapping if you can’t tap physically for some reason.

To learn how others have healed their bodies from a range of medical conditions (including chronic stress) read the articles in: Testimonials, and watch the videos in the FasterEFT Severe and Chronic Illness Playlist.


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