Activating Mental Healing Using FasterEFT

FasterEFT holds a complete understanding about how conditions giving rise to diseases and psychological problems are created in our bodies. Mental healing uses the power of thoughts to influence the body to naturally heal itself. With scientists agreeing that over 75-98% of illnesses are related to thoughts, there is no doubt Faster EFT is the best healing modality today. This also means that only 2-25% of psychological and physical illnesses are caused by environmental factors or genetics.

This is an eye-opener for most people.

But what it truly suggests is that if you are in control, you can activate mental healing to overcome even moderate to serious illnesses.


By using FasterEFT, applying the techniques and through the FasterEFT belief system you can discharge pain out of your body and restore your vitality.

Before learning how to activate mental healing, you first need to understand how we create problems. We’ll walk you through each of the sections so you can better understand how we create problems in our lives and how Faster EFT can solve them.

Activating Mental Healing Using FasterEFT

Thoughts are charged with emotions

When you think of something or someone, you understand that each of those thoughts have varying degrees of emotions. If you think of a lover, you charge those thoughts with positive emotions. Romantic bliss can almost make your heart stop and make you melt, so to speak. Nonetheless, when you think of an ex-lover who betrayed you, your emotions switch to a very negative course like anger or hate. We do that with every thought –and that is how we identify with life. Every food, every song on the radio, every fabric that touches our skin, we charge each idea with emotions, whether positive, negative or neutral.

In other words, what we consider as facts are actually a cloud of supercharged thoughts within the unconscious mind. That is how we sift reality into what is pleasing and joyful against what is unpleasant and hateful.

Every experience is a stored memory

You may think that childhood memories do not have anything to do with your life, but they do. The memories, that when you think about them cause you to experience negative emotions may very well be the source of your negative responses towards life. In other words, we assign meaning to our current experiences and incoming events by drawing references from this big bank of stored data within the unconscious mind.

We do not function solely on conscious thinking, we are in and out of trances, trances that we expertly developed by practice as we continue to survive. No wonder you can drive to work, and not notice every inch of the way, your mind seems to know the way as if you are on autopilot.

Well, we are mostly on autopilot, our daily routines are using a lot of mental functions not really based on the conscious mind, meaning the mind itself is a network of different divisions that we have come to understand as simply conscious and subconscious.

Depending on the school of psychology and philosophy you wish to follow, it can be different layers of consciousness. But ultimately they fall into the two aforementioned for easier understanding. These layers of consciousness may seem to exist with different roles so we can perform different functions effectively.

But the truth is, one cannot exist without the other, and as we mentioned earlier, there may be divisions but they are ultimately functioning as a network wherein the whole body operates. No wonder it is called the nervous system.

Going back to the memories, we can simply ascribe them to this system within the network as the data in which the whole system operates. In short, if a memory is negative, the patterns that will be created within that thought structure will also deliver a negative output.

If a person begins to experience something pleasant, that would also mean that the data being used to reference the event is positive, or neutral. As mentioned earlier, thoughts that are charged with emotions which produce words, reactions, behavioral patterns which in turn arouse more thinking. It is a never-ending cycle for as long as you live. It is what shapes an individual, collectively a community and ultimately a society.


Activating Mental Healing Using Faster EFT

Let us first discuss Faster EFT. This may not be a new perspective as we’ve been discussing it at length within this blog, but it is important for the benefit of those who may have stumbled upon this page and are new to Faster EFT.

Faster EFT is developed by Robert Smith; his ultimate goal is to deliver sustainable happiness for everyone who wishes to be free from pain and suffering through easy to apply mechanics that promote healing with focus on the mind’s boundless ability to transform itself.

FasterEFT is a system that, if applied properly, can cause changes within the mind and allow natural healing to take place. Faster EFT activates mental healing effectively because it is the only method that has a complete understanding about the structure of our problems and how we create more of it in our minds and lives.

How can Faster EFT Activate Mental Healing?


By addressing the key component of the problem.

The problems you encounter, the diseases your body experiences and the negative behavioral patterns has its roots in the subconscious. Faster EFT applies memory reimprinting. It is an advanced method to render a good memory over those that are causing an illness.

Since the past no longer exists and only memories that are charged with emotions which cause them to seem real within the subconscious and are being used as a reference, it can be reimprinted and rendered as a new memory that can come from a more pleasant state.

Memory reimprinting is Robert Smith’s expertise, and he was successfully able to liberate thousands of people from common problems to complex issues such as fibromyalgia, severe cases of PTSD, moderate to severe forms of addictions and many more.

Now imagine collapsing that negative thought structure, not how it will be done because it can be done. Just for one second, imagine how your life would be the following morning if your consciousness is no longer referencing incoming experiences from a traumatic event? It’s going to be like magic for sure, but it isn’t a process of ancient mystics.

Faster EFT is applied specialized science but easy to understand and follow.


Reducing/eliminating stress responses

Tapping using the meridian points are used for two purposes in Faster EFT. One is for de-fractionation and the other is because these points are proven to help alter the body’s physiological state.

Meridian points are also known as acupressure points; it has been used and applied in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

As you tap along these points to reduce the production of stress hormones while you focus on your problem, the process reduces the natural stress response of your body on that specific problem. By doing this, you activate mental healing faster because the body will no longer recognize a highly stressful thought as a threat to your wellness by allowing a more focused visualization.

When the negative thought structure has been collapsed through the FasterEFT techniques, you can apply visualization techniques to activate mental healing by using the imagination. The power of imagination has been proven by science.

However, in Faster EFT you will be taught more than traditional visualization, you will learn how to visualize wellness with poignancy because your mind will naturally follow a positive direction. Visualizations in a highly relaxed state without a trace of negative inhibitions are a thousand times more powerful than just “willing” the mind to visualize.


Allowing affirmations to work

Affirmations are great in activating mental healing and they can help you achieve wellness. But relying on affirmations can sometimes be frustrating because no matter how you write down, recite or silently repeat affirmations, they just won’t work. The reason behind this is because affirmations will only work if there are no negative patterns within the thought structure.

To say that FasterEFT can boost the effects of affirmations is an understatement. The truth is, FasterEFT is a mind process that is a key component to making affirmations work because it will allow you to collapse the negative mental and emotional patterns that will allow affirmations to work.


Securing a positive mental mindset

Like affirmations, even if you “will” your mind to think positive when negative thoughts begin to trigger negative behavior it will result in you getting frustrated. Moreover, your mind might even recognize the act of thinking positive as a chore as you continue to force it in that direction.

In applying the techniques within the FasterEFT System securing a positive mindset can become natural and you do not need to force your mind towards a positive direction. Meaning if you are suffering from chronic pain, elevated stress responses and other illnesses, it will become easier to achieve a positive mental mindset. As you gain knowledge on how to instantly calm the mind, you are allowing your brain to securely operate within a positive mentality.

The Statistics

The numbers mentioned at the beginning of this article are not hearsay. The American Medical Association declared through their research that 75% of all illnesses have stress-related causes.

The World Health Organization concluded that 80% of cancers are not genetic but actually influenced by our lifestyles.

Dr. Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief, 2008), found that, since only 2% of the population are affected by gene disorders such as (to mention a few):

– Cystic fibrosis

– Beta thalassemia

– Huntington’s chorea

These numbers suggest that the majority of the people on this planet carry genes that should allow for a healthy and happy life. Lipton claims that 98% of all diseases are caused by unhealthy lifestyles.

The American Institute of Health estimates that 75 – 90% of primary care physician visits are for stress-related health issues.


As we enter a new age in medical science, discoveries have proven the power of mental healing not only play an important role but is the key to healing the body and preventing disease.  There is no doubt that using Faster EFT is the wisest decision to overcome illnesses.

Toxic thoughts do not only contribute to a big number of mental illnesses and cause mental congestion, but toxic thoughts are the primary reason for stress, which directly influence our body’s healing abilities. Toxic thinking is the cause of the body’s deterioration as it continues to wear down brain functions.

Activating mental healing using FasterEFT will greatly benefit an individual. It can help you master your mind by eradicating harmful beliefs, worries, distorted perceptions, fears and many more. It will not only promote health and wellness but actually improve your life to sustain happiness and success.

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