How Your Mistakes Can Become Portals to Success

The FasterEFT belief system challenges the conventional wisdom on how to react to your previous mistakes. There is no denying that our past mistakes are quite a burden to carry. Have you ever wondered why you are still carrying them?

Simply put, past mistakes carry with them something you perceive as valuable. These are values you attach to memories which become the core foundation of the mental and emotional patterns causing you to cling and repeat previous mistakes.

Somewhere along the way, you think and replay these episodes of the past within your mind like it’s actually happening. What really happens is that those memories carry emotions that cause them to feel real because of the sensations they produce within the body.

A mistake in the past is nothing but fiction if it is constantly replayed in the present. This creates the initial step to transforming your life. Unfortunately, this is also where most people get stuck. Most people understand where their problems are, they know what is causing it, but are unable to let go.

Your personal belief system about yourself is bound to past mistakes and can be transformed to a portal for your success. FasterEFT understands the power of the mind, to not only to heal, but create greatness from the mistakes of a person’s past.

We don’t simply transform the mistakes to be used as lessons, but to release the emotions accompanying past mistakes to allow everyone to achieve and sustain success.

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FasterEFT Tips on Recognizing Mistakes

As your coping and defense mechanism becomes your enemy, success seems difficult to achieve, when reality is viewed from the lens of past mistakes. Not only does it cause us to freeze and feel incapacitated, but it can further drive us to feel unmotivated and hinder us from seeing opportunities to become better.

Here are a few tips recognizing mistakes:

1. Living in Denial

Living in denial seems like the easiest way for the mind to find comfort instead of admitting that we made a mistake. It is the root cause of most personal problems. Denial does not allow life transformations, you will not heal or recover when living in denial.

In fact, denial will only cause you to produce the same problems over and over again because it becomes a habit of the mind to escape reality.

Cut denial in its tracks, accept and recover from your mistakes the instant you recognize them. You can use the FasterEFT Tapping Technique to let go of denial and other negative emotions to clear your system.

2. Trying to Fix Regrets

Regrets due to mistakes seems to be among the hardest things to let go of. Often people who made a mistake are haunted by regrets for years on end. Without freeing yourself from regrets more negative mental patterns causing negative emotions may arise.

This is very obvious to people who have a gambling addiction. They bet higher each time they lose, to try to “fix the mistake”, from previous losses.


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3. Hedonic Editing

Hedonic editing is a hypothesis regarding human psychological behavior wherein we try to rationalize losses compared to gains. Engaging in hedonic editing means you try to convince yourself that the mistake doesn’t matter.

The problem with hedonic editing is that it is almost the same as what was said above in living in denial. There is no knowledge gained through hedonic editing and in time, it can just produce the same problems and mistakes as the mind always tries to rationalize mistakes.

How to Transform Your Mistakes to Success


1. Honestly Admit Your Mistakes

You do not need to tell the entire world about your mistakes, but you do need to admit them to yourself. This will improve your psychological flexibility and train the mind to learn from mistakes.

Mistakes are inevitable, humans are bound to make mistakes and learn from them. Denial or hedonic editing will only train your mind to produce the same mental patterns, hence producing the same problems.

Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations trains the mind to let go of the memories and values attached to the problem making it easier for a person to accept their mistakes.

2. Practice Mental Discipline

In everything you do, always practice mental discipline. FasterEFT’s mental discipline goes beyond mindfulness. Mental discipline is noticing that you have a problem, and more than that, it is noticing where the triggers are rooted.

The FasterEFT thinking system offers practical and actionable techniques that allows a person to develop psychological flexibility to sustain happiness. You can read the science behind FasterEFT in this article by Chip Brown and learn more about the scientific mechanics involved in FasterEFT’s mental discipline.

3. Find a Community of People to Align With

Finding a community that resonates with your ideas will help you accept and let go of your mistakes. Faster EFT has a community of practitioners and followers who are determined to help each other bounce back from their mistakes.

You can align with thousands of successful people who learned and practiced FasterEFT to transform their mistakes into abundance.


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