No Such Thing as Negative Words – Faster EFT Explains

What do you think of as negative? What words do you consider offensive, negative or detrimental in any other way? Are there words that get your back up, or make you feel concerned that they’re causing negativity? The great news is: It’s not the words.

The words are just words – just a group of letters placed next to each other, or sounds created by air. The meaning of the words is given to them by the person hearing or reading them.

When someone says a particular word that you believe is negative, it is only because you have data, meanings – records – in your subconscious that provide the information that that particular word is negative.

A person who doesn’t speak your language could hear the word and it would have absolutely no effect on them whatsoever. A child who hadn’t come across that word yet, wouldn’t have any emotional reaction to it at all.

If you were to change the information – the data – in your subconscious that determines the meaning of that word, your reaction would change accordingly.

No Such Thing as Negative Words

Take a moment to think of a word that you believe is negative. Think of the last time you heard someone say it, or the last time you read it somewhere. How do you feel right now, remembering it?

Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of that reaction? Wouldn’t it be great to know that no word can make you feel bad in any way? Imagine hearing someone say that word, and feeling no more emotion than you would if they said “orange”.

The great news is that you can use the Faster EFT technique to remove the meaning your subconscious has attached to certain words, so that they no longer bother you at all.

Remember, they’re just sounds or letters – they have no power in themselves, it is the listener or reader who gives the meaning to them. The power is in you, not in the word.

Why Should You Remove the Negative Meanings to Words?

Of course, you don’t have to remove the meanings; however, if you’d like to have more control over how you feel, it’s the wisest option. As long as certain words (or anything else) can make you feel bad, they are controlling you instead of you being in control and choosing your experiences.

Remember: The word is only negative as long as you believe it’s negative. If you heard the same word in a language you didn’t understand, you wouldn’t recognize it as negative at all – which means you wouldn’t feel the negativity.

How to Remove the Negative Meanings to Words

In order to remove the belief that a word is negative – and the bad feelings that go with it – you need to change the subconscious records that provide the “proof” that that particular word is negative. Faster EFT is designed to word with the subconscious to change this records.

Step One

Think of the word that bothers you, and think about what it means to you. Notice how you feel. Can you remember the first time you heard that word, or the first time you learned its meaning? Can you remember an event when that word came up in your life and was accompanied by emotion? Pick the memory with the strongest emotion, and notice the details of it. See what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt.

Steps Two to Four – follow the process in this guide: The Faster EFT Technique – Step-by-Step.

Keep going through the process and checking the memory to see what’s different, until you flip it. Don’t stop until the memory has flipped completely.

Now, go back to the word – say it out loud and notice how you feel. If there’s still a belief that the word is negative, repeat the process above until you can say the word and recognize it as what it really is – just a word – with no negative feelings or thoughts at all. Now, enjoy your new freedom!


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