Not Getting the Results You Want with FasterEFT? Troubleshooting List!

If you’re not getting the results you’re looking for from using FasterEFT, check this troubleshooting list for adjustments you may need to make.

Since FasterEFT is a thinking system, although using the tapping will work on its own on many issues, there are certain elements of perception and perspective that can make the difference to your success and the results you experience.

Not Getting the Results You Want - Troubleshooting List

Troubleshooting List for FasterEFT

I’ve tapped on a memory until the negative feelings went to zero, but my problem hasn’t changed.

Did you flip the memory? It’s not enough to simply remove the emotional charge – as long as the memory is still as it was (even without the emotions) that is the information your subconscious is referring to.

Whatever data is there is what your subconscious is using as “proof” or “evidence” for what is real and true. For more detailed information on flipping memories, read: Why do We Flip Memories in FasterEFT?

I’ve addressed my relationship with someone but they’re still bothering me.

Take a moment to notice how you know they’re bothering you. The fact that you’ve already addressed it doesn’t mean it’s done. The fact that you’re still feeling bothered means there is still a structure in your subconscious that supports this experience.

Notice how you know they bother you, and think back to where you felt the same feelings in the past. Address the earliest memory or the most intense memory first. Don’t stop until you’ve flipped it.

Then check the others to see if they’ve also changed. Then, go back to this person that is currently bothering you, and check again. Keep doing this until your feelings and thoughts about this person have completely flipped.

Do this before you actually deal with them in person – in other words, do this all in your own mind first. Then, when you have contact with them again, as soon as any negative feelings come up, use Mental Tapping to clear and flip those in the moment.

I’ve lost my job – I’ve been tapping but I still haven’t found another job.

The first step is to understand that getting a job has nothing to do with what’s going on around you. It’s all about what you hold in your subconscious. The brain has the ability to filter out information, and focus on whatever fits in with the information held in the subconscious.

This means that you may be surrounded by opportunities, options and solutions, but your conscious mind doesn’t have access to them because the subconscious is filtering them out since they don’t align with the data it holds. Instead of tapping “to find a job” you need to change the data inside your subconscious.

Think about how you know you have a problem – what do you feel and where do you feel it? What experiences have you had in the past that feel like this, or that relate to this topic? Then address each memory until it flips. Clear and flip all negative thoughts, feelings and resistance – do this consistently and in the moment, as they happen.

My problem came back!

If you cleared and flipped the memories associated with the problem, it cannot come back on its own. One of two things have most likely happened:

Either, you unknowingly returned to your old ways of thinking (for example, began to focus on the problem again in the same way you did before) and therefore unwittingly recreated it, or there are remaining links to other records that support the problem – you simply need to address, clear and flip those. For more detailed information on this, read: What if it All Comes Back?

I’m lonely. I’ve tapped on getting friends and a relationship, but it hasn’t worked.

Loneliness is a state of mind. To find out how to change that state inside yourself (and allow more people into your life) read: The Real Cause of Loneliness.

I’ve tapped on my money problems, but I’m still struggling financially.

One of the most important keys to this problem is understanding that it’s not about the money. The way to find the solution to your money issues is to take a moment to notice how you know you have money problems. How do you know? Then, notice how that feels; and then, think back to your past, and notice if you’ve ever felt that same feeling in the past – it may well have nothing to do with money, but it will be the same feeling.

Address those memories until they flip – even if they’re not about money. Then, from now on, whenever you have the slightest negative thought or feeling, tap it out – right then, in the moment. Use mental tapping if necessary, but make sure you address it right away, in the moment.

No matter how small or insignificant it may seem, if it’s negative, address it immediately. You will eventually start to notice that you are automatically thinking differently, making different decisions, and naturally taking different action. For more on FasterEFT and Finances, read: How Does FasterEFT Work with Financial Issues and Changing Financial Problems Using FasterEFT.

I’m not seeing any results!

Check your beliefs and understanding against this foundation list:

  • You are the only one that can truly affect your experience.
  • Everything is about perception – a problem is only a problem because of the perception. Change the perception and the problem changes.
  • The only way to change your experience of life is to change the records inside your subconscious – this means changing all bad memories to good ones, so that your subconscious is referring to more productive and positive data.
  • While you are tapping, be sure to take your focus off the problem. Tapping is a form of de-fractionation, and in order for the process to work effectively, you need to make sure you’re not focusing on the problem throughout.
  • If you are unable to pull yourself out of the feeling of the problem during the tapping, use a different de-fractionation technique – find one that works for you. For some ideas, read: What is De-fractionation?
  • Dealing with problems and people outside of yourself by trying to deal directly with them and without changing your own memories, is not the way to achieve long-lasting effective changes. You need to start by changing the data inside you since that will affect everything you do and say as well as the choices you make and the solutions you’re able to see.
  • Nip the problem in the bud – tap as soon as you notice it; don’t wait for it to get bigger. It’s easier and more effective to clear and flip it when you address it as early as possible.
  • Whatever you’re experiencing in your life is the result of what’s in your subconscious. If you’re experiencing it, you’re holding it. The metaphoric mind only sees what it holds.
  • Just because something seems real doesn’t mean it is real. It all depends on what you have in your subconscious. Your perspective is unique to you; others are not experiencing events in exactly the same way you are experiencing them. For more about this, read: It’s All About Perception.

My physical pain won’t go.

Remind yourself that physical pain is an expression. The brain controls the body – change the brain and you change the body. Make sure that you understand the FasterEFT system by reading the answers above.

Make a list of all the traumatic events you’ve experienced in your life – even those you think may not be relevant to your current pain. Then, go through the list and clear and flip every memory (be sure to flip it, not just reduce the emotional charge). This may seem like a big and tedious job, but how much do you want to lose the pain?

If being thorough in flipping every bad memory will get rid of your pain, is it worth doing?

If your issue is not covered in this list, leave a comment below, or post in the Facebook Group, and we’ll add it!

For more information on how problems are created and maintained, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems and What Determines Character and Personality.

For detailed guidance on using FasterEFT read: The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step.

To learn more about FasterEFT, and how it works, watch the videos in the FasterEFT YouTube Channel.


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