The One Way Out of The Addiction Cycle

The addiction cycle is produced in the mind by memories or imprints causing change in perception. Those memories create a craving for a particular substance, it may be found in food, drugs or chemicals. Undeniably, the emotional, physical and mental dependency is perpetuated by the need to escape confronting reality.

Unlike other mind and body healing system, FasterEFT sees any type of addiction, not a disease or a disorder, but a continuous mental pattern altering behavior and perception because of the need to avoid reality as part of a coping or defense mechanism.

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Understanding the Cycle of Addiction?

It is critical to understand the structure of addiction to aid any individual’s recovery. A person who is addicted to any type of substance, may it be drugs, alcohol or activities such as gambling and sex does not have an illness.

They have an addiction programming as part of their coping mechanism. It is critical to understand that addiction, if viewed as a neurological disorder, means that there has to a mental source where the program is plugged in.

The only way to truly break away from the addiction cycle is to locate the internal turmoil and conflict within the deeper consciousness. FasterEFT memory reimprinting and manipulation is a highly effective tool to reimprint the memories that support the structure of the addiction cycle.

Understanding the cycle of addiction is very helpful in breaking the cycle, but without collapsing the memories supporting the structure of the addiction cycle, a person has little chance of total and lasting recovery.

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Defining Addiction

The modern definition and understanding of addiction is that it is the obsessive thinking and compulsive craving for drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling or anything despite the negative effects it has on the person’s life.

One of the most alarming effects of addiction is the development of tolerance to the substance or activity combined with the incapacitating symptoms of withdrawal. The intense physical cravings can create incapacitating effects on one’s physical, mental and social health as the obsession keeps on growing.

Addiction is a progressive condition and usually develops from substance misuse, to abuse, leading to addiction.

Characteristics of the Cycle of Addiction

  1. Internal pain and negative emotions similar to frustration can lead to anxiety and may demand relief from symptoms
  2. Regular fantasizing about drinking alcohol or using drugs to relieve the onslaught of negative emotions
  3. Obsessing about using drugs or drinking alcohol and how it can change his/her life after use
  4. Engaging in the addictive activity or actualizing the use of the substance
  5. Losing behavioral control
  6. Developing feelings of guilt and shame leading to feelings of dissatisfaction
  7. Promising to stop the addictive behavior and substance use

However, this cycle is vicious, the moment negative emotions such as pain and dissatisfaction comes up, a person’s addictive cycle will just rotate on a variable basis.

Depending on the severity of the addiction, this variable of cycle rotation may happen on a daily basis or, several times during the day. But a conscious decision to make change can arrest the situation and how to deal with it.

It is the initial step to recovery and a way out of addiction, this decision to change.

Why Is FasterEFT The Way Out of Addiction?

As a mind and body healing system, you can harness the power of the mind to break any addictive cycle through FasterEFT. By memory reimprinting, you can release the pain or negative emotion that gives birth to the addictive cycle, as mentioned in the cycle of addiction listed above.

The FasterEFT technique can help an addict get rid of the urge to use a particular substance to confront an emotion that he/she has to deal with.

Experiential avoidance or EA has been broadly defined in modern psychology as attempts by a person to avoid thoughts, memories, sensations, feelings and other inner experiences. The process of EA provides short-term relief from uncomfortable experiences through avoidance. Because of this a person who operates within this mentality has the tendency to create a persistent behavior of avoidance.

In cases of addictions rooting from this mentality, an escapeaholic needs help in collapsing the structure of negative mental patterns by identifying which among the mental imprints have the highest emotional charge or frequency.

What FasterEFT does is find this primary imprint where addiction is rooted and helps the person reimprint new memories and mental patterns that will no longer cause the need for that particular substance or the thing that causes addiction.

Memory reimprinting is a technique found in FasterEFT. It is a dynamic process that can hack through the negative mental network of thoughts and release negative emotions the fuel the impulses.

Moreover, its goal is to recreate a better imprint within the subconscious, so that the conscious mind can draw new references from that, instead of forming an addictive behavioral pattern.

It will allow a person to achieve sustainable happiness and a healthy life by releasing emotions that contribute to the idea of always trying to escape reality by not confronting real issues.

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