Faster EFT Shows You How to Overcome the Feeling of Rejection Effectively

Feeling rejected can be debilitating and painful. In fact, it can have a knock-on effect on all areas of your life – from your health and relationships to your business and finances.

Since it is not possible to go back in time and change the past, and it isn’t possible to make other people change (without their cooperation), the only solution to free yourself from the pain of feeling rejected is to change your own experience of it.

How to Overcome the Feeling of Rejection

Where Does the Feeling of Rejection Come From?

You will probably have noticed that not everyone reacts the same to the same circumstances, situations and events. The same circumstances may result in one person feeling hurt, while another feels angry, and another doesn’t notice what happened at all.

The difference is what each person holds inside their subconscious. The determining factor in how each individual responds to triggers is the data their subconscious is referring to. This causes their body and brain to respond according to that data rather than objectively to the trigger itself.

From when you were born, your subconscious interpreted everything you experienced. Every moment, your subconscious was interpreting your experiences to understand who you are and how the world works, in order for you to survive in the environment into which you were born. As your subconscious interpreted your experiences, it filed the meanings as memories – records – for future reference.

Then, as each new experience happened, your subconscious would interpret it based on the data it already held. Each new experience is filtered through the data from past experiences, and then interpreted based on that information.

As you grew older, your subconscious continued to collect data that supported its existing records – which formed the core beliefs that determine your reality. If you experienced certain situations that your subconscious interpreted as “proof” that you are not worth, or that people abandon you, or that you are unlovable – or any other similar meaning – that will be part of the foundation of your unique reality.

This means that your subconscious will interpret new experiences based on those beliefs. The result is, an incident that someone else may not see as a sign of rejection will be clearly obvious as rejection to you – because you have the right data to back that up. Change that data, and you change how you see the event.

Changing the Pattern

You cannot change other people, and you cannot change the past; but you can change how you represent the past, and you can change how you respond to other people. Changing this consciously is difficult since it is your subconscious that is in charge of all of your automatic reactions.

Fortunately, you can use the FasterEFT technique to work with your subconscious to change the original record quickly and effectively. And once you change that, your perspective, feelings, and your experience will all change automatically – without your even needing to try.

How to Change it

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Think of the feeling of rejection. Notice how it feels, then think back to where you’ve felt it before. What is your earliest memory of feeling that feeling? Remember the details – see what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel what you felt. Then, use the FasterEFT technique to clear those feelings and flip the memory. Keep repeating the process until the memory has completely flipped.

Once you have flipped that memory, go back to another memory when you’ve felt rejected, and check to see if that feeling of being rejected is still there. If it is, use the technique again to flip that memory.

Do this with each of the memories you have of feeling rejected. Then, imagine a situation where you would normally feel rejected, and check to see if there is any sign of feelings of rejection. Keep using the FasterEFT technique until you cannot find any sign of the feelings of rejection. And from now on, if you find yourself feeling rejected again for any reason, use FasterEFT in the moment to clear it immediately.

If you can’t tap physically because there are people around, use Mental Tapping in the moment.

Watch as Robert G. Smith (founder of FasterEFT) demonstrates the technique on people who have been feeling rejected and abandoned – watch all of the videos in this playlist for a range of different examples:

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