Overcoming Body Dysmorphic Disorder With FasterEFT

Although most of us have something we dislike about our bodies, people with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) experience the extreme. Those with BDD are consumed by what they perceive to be wrong with their body.

In order to free yourself from body dysmorphic disorder, the first step is to recognize that BDD is not a disorder. It is a skill. Rather than something you are powerless against, it is simply the way your brain is currently operating – and you have the power to change it!

How to Free Yourself from Body Dysmorphic Disorder

What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

While most of us have a distorted view about our bodies, in those with BDD, this distortion is more extreme. Rather than just being unhappy with a particular aspect or their body as a whole. People with BDD are typically preoccupied and overpowered by it.

The truth is, it’s not about the body. Just like everything else, it’s about what you’re doing in your mind. It’s about the emotions and feelings that you internalize about yourself.

The Aim

The aim is to accept your body by releasing the emotions, judgments, attitudes, stories and memories in and around that particular part of your body. The goal is to love your body regardless of your perception of it.

The great news is, once you release and replace the subconscious records that are providing the structure and “proof” for that perception, your view of your body will change automatically. You will see it differently.

Overcoming Body Dysmorphic Disorder With FasterEFTNotice how it bothers you, and then tap on it until it flips. Go back and check. If the way you see it hasn’t changed, think back to the evidence you have that supports your current view of that part of your body.

Where did you learn that there is something wrong? What did you hear, see, feel or experience in the past that gave you the proof of your current perception? Go back to those memories, and tap on them until they flip. Tap on each detail – sounds, visuals, feelings, smells, tastes, and anything else you notice.

Keep going until you can no longer find the same perception of that part of your body, and instead, you feel love for it. From now on, whenever anything bothers you (whether it’s about your body or not), use Faster EFT in the moment to clear and flip it. If you can’t tap physically for some reason, use Mental Tapping in the moment, rather than waiting until later.

This may seem like an impossible task from where you are right now; but what have you got to lose by trying it? And how much can you gain by freeing yourself from BDD? It costs absolutely nothing for you to try. You can find the detailed guide through the FasterEFT process in “The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step.”

For more information on how subconscious records (including those that support BDD) are created, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems and What Determines Your Character and Personality?

To see FasterEFT in Action, watch the videos on the FasterEFT YouTube Channel.

Article by: Robert G. Smith

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