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You are Producing Procrastination: A Therapist’s Perspective

Written by: Diana Rose Kottle, M.A., MFT – Nov 30, 2012


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Procrastination is a Skill  Faster EFT NLP

In this video Robert gives a tapping demonstration on a woman who is experiencing procrastination around writing papers. In this article, I will walk you through the process of what he is doing in the video to help clarify the principles behind FasterEFT.

According to the FasterEFT belief system, you don’t HAVE procrastination, rather you produce procrastination in certain areas and places in your life. You are successfully producing putting things off for later. It is NOT you, although it may feel very real to you. Notice what it is that you are doing inside of yourself.

Robert begins by having the client think about something that she likes to do and that makes her feel good. He then has her close her eyes and feel that feeling as if she is there in the present moment. Next, he brings her back by having her wiggle her toes (This is a way of bringing her out of the trance and back into the present moment), then he has her go back to the woods memory.   He has her think about her †˜procrastination’ issue once again.   Again, what he is doing is bringing her in and out of the trance, which is part of the process of changing the program. He uses the example of going to the bathroom to illustrate the point that there are certain things that cannot be procrastinated.

(Note: This is very different than the psychotherapeutic model where you would not necessarily interrupt a client’s process or story to break the trance, but rather support the verbal sharing of emotions. In FasterEFT we view everything as a made up story in the moment, as the past is no longer real.)

Robert is using the ART of Change to illicit the structure of †˜how she knows she has a problem’. He has her go back and fully associate with the experience by noticing where she feels it, how big it is, and the sensations.

(Note: this is all the info that is needed, and really all that is necessary is for the client to put her attention on this, no details are needed for the practitioner to successfully tap this away, although, Robert will add in direct words or ideas that the client has shared with him. He is not guessing or making it up, rather listening to and using the information that she gives him.)

He then walks her through the Quick Tap process, which is a full general sweep that covers many emotional drivers at one time. It’s intention is to clean up as many emotions as possible at once, and you can then tap subsequent rounds to clean up the parts and pieces of what remains.

He is addressing the problem from every angle to make sure that he cleans up all of the remaining aspects.   It is important to be thorough and to make sure that it is really all gone and that they cannot make it come back. The idea is to get rid of the stressor and leave the client with a smile on their face.

This tapping process works on everything. Because we go inside of you and how you represent it internally, the process will be individual for each person. We hold the problem and the unique solution inside of us.  Stress is the problem. Stress is your bodies reaction to what you perceive.It is your emotions that drive you, it is your feelings that drive the bus. Figure out what you are doing to yourself inside of yourself that is manifesting and producing what you say you don’t want. Once you have done this, aim at how you know, tap and transform this into a state of peace.  Keep on tapping your way to peace!

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Written by: Diana Rose Kottle, M.A., MFT






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