Pack Your Bags – We’re Going on a Guilt Trip!

Have you ever been made to feel guilty? Most of us have; and most of us are still carrying the baggage years later. For many people, laying a guilt trip on someone they care about is the only way they know to have some control. They don’t realize that guilt is not only an ineffective way to gain real control; it is also damaging. It damages the person who feels guilty, and in turn it is detrimental to those around them. Although it may seem impossible to relieve yourself of the heavy burden of guilt, there is a way that you can get rid of all guilt (whether it’s caused by something that was your fault or not) quickly and easily.


It’s Time to Let it Go

Guilt has absolutely no value. It causes pain, damage and disruption in all areas of life from health to relationships (even those that have nothing to do with the guilt) to career and finances. When you are feeling guilty, your body is in a stress state. This state causes a chemical change, and various other emergency adjustments related to the “fight, freeze or flight” state. This includes an effect on your appetite, digestion, healing, immune system, cognitive thinking, physical strength, and so much more.

Many of us have been taught that when something bad has happened that is our fault, we should feel guilty. And feeling guilty is some kind of penance that we deserve and that somehow helps to atone for the crime. A punishment that means we, the perpetrator, will not “get away with it”. However, if someone did something that caused you harm, would you rather they felt guilty forever; or would you rather they show you love, kindness and compassion?

Guilt is a dark, negative emotion; and when it is replaced with love and compassion, that is where the real healing begins. Regardless of what you were led to believe growing up, there is never a good reason for feeling guilty. It is like dragging a ball and chain around with you – it holds you back from making any kind of progress.

How to Let it Go

Burying your guilt does not get rid of it – it still goes with you wherever you go. From relationship to relationship; from job to job. In order to be free from the baggage, you need to let it go completely. Now it may seem difficult since it feels so strong and so real; however, using the FasterEFT basic tapping technique, you can permanently let it go quickly and easily.


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