What are problems? FasterEFT explains!

Problems are produced. They are perception. Problems feel real because your organs respond to your thoughts. And your thoughts stem from what you perceive. You may choose to perceive something as good, or as bad. This then triggers the brain to release good feeling chemicals or bad feeling ones, depending on what you choose to think about.

This ability of perception is developed from early childhood. It’s the body’s ‘fight or flight” response. So what is the “fight or flight” response?

For example, you and I are sitting around the campfire, and someone comes up to you and says they just saw a bear attack someone 1 mile ahead. Then you start hearing all these horrible screams, people running right and left, panicking, etc.

Your body already starts preparing to run for your life. You start sweating, thinking back to all those movies you saw about bear killings, people getting mauled, not ever seeing your family again etc.

What are problems? FasterEFT explains!

Now for some reason or the other, you find yourself in the woods, face to face with that bear. The response in our body is going to be – “I need to get the heck out of here!” And this response is reflexive. It’s automatic, and happens as soon as the mind perceives something to be a direct threat to your survival.

On the other hand, suppose you’ve never heard of a bear. You have no idea what it is. So you’re walking through the woods and you come across the same bear. Your reaction WILL be different. That’s because your mind will not perceive it as a danger, since it has no previous knowledge to draw from. You may think oh that bear is so cute and cuddly.

The difference in reactions is caused by perception.

So, what makes it feel real is the organs. So basically, the main Meridian points that Faster EFT uses to tap on – Click here for infographic.

You do not have to know what those Meridian points mean, or what function they perform, why they’re there. All you have to know is the following:

  1. In order to change a problem, you have to notice that you have a problem.
  2. How do you know you have a problem? You feel something. You have a reaction to something – happiness, anger, frustration, fear, joy, peace, anxiety. Something occurs inside you. You may also have images, sensations and sounds/voices playing in your mind.
  3. We tap!

We FasterEFT tap on the Meridian points shown in the infographic above. You can also read the Meridian Points Used in FasterEFT Tapping.

Now since the end of the year is approaching, we know that most people are concerned with their financial wellbeing. They want to enter the new year with a surplus of everything – health, wealth and happiness! But they find themselves replaying old problems over and over again. They wonder how they could ever change their financial situation.

So, the process of change, begins from within. Once you’ve identified that you feel bad that you don’t have enough money – you can change that through FasterEFT tapping! The key is to keep going through the emotions that you feel, until you don’t have the same reaction to the same problems anymore.

So, suppose you went a little crazy with your Christmas shopping this year. And now you’ve received your credit card bill in the mail – as soon as you see the envelope with the bank’s logo your heart starts pounding. So immediately what do you do? You tap FasterEFT style!


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Then once you have cleared those feelings, you move on. You open the envelope and take out the bill. You see the amount and your palms start sweating, you feel faint, you feel nauseous, your thoughts start whirling about not being able to afford all this, how you’re going to pay the mortgage next month and on and on.

To stop this reaction, you tap! As soon as you notice this first negative thought coming into your mind, you start tapping. And you have to keep going until you no longer feel overwhelmed about paying this bill.

In fact, if you’ve been tapping consistently, you’ll feel fine about the bill after a while. Or you may suddenly remember some money that you’ll be receiving that will help you pay off this credit card bill. Whatever the source may be, your reaction has changed.

So now the next time you receive a bill, you know you can change your reaction to it. And by changing your reaction to it, you are changing your perception about the experience.

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