Psychotherapy: Discover Why FasterEFT is a Very Practical and Highly Effective Tool

In the world of managed care, FasterEFT really does seem like the most practical tool to be used in psychotherapy. There are thousands of licensed therapies globally applying the Faster EFT techniques and belief system to gain more understanding about their clients’ needs. Robert Smith has become a renowned personality across the globe for his efforts in developing FasterEFT.

The primary reason why Faster EFT has become this successful is the fact that there is no other mental healing process that delivers a complete understanding about why we have problems and how we continue creating them. Moreover, it remains to be the only mind-body healing modality that has practical and easy to apply processes that can be accomplished through personal application.

While it is undeniable that help coming from a therapist is needed in severe cases, it is also true that personal application can be just as beneficial. If you’re going through a stressful event, Faster EFT can be used to combat any negative thought patterns or unpleasant behavior due to a reaction to triggers and allow you to achieve a peaceful state faster.

Faster EFT is Not Meridian-Only Therapy

Faster EFT is not only an energy system. The main focus of Faster EFT is outside the idea that there is a disruption or breakage in the body’s energy system due to negative emotions caused by psychological trauma.

Faster EFT is focused on how we build the structure of mental patterns as we continue to interpret current and future experiences based on the stored memories within our unconscious mind. It is a healing system that focuses on the mind to influence physical health, lifestyle and behavior through its leading-edge technique called memory reimprinting.

The techniques involved are quick in delivering results, gentle and stunningly effective. Because it takes the well-being of the person using it as the primary concern, it does not involve any process that can contribute to re-traumatizing an individual.

There might be subtle discomforts in the process of clearing and releasing thoughts that are supercharged with emotions, but not to the point of re-living the trauma that may contribute to mental and emotional breakdowns.

Likewise, other psychotherapists like Terry Hoyt, in the video above, have shown enthusiasm about Faster EFT. It is indeed a very practical tool that may be applied in psychotherapies in addressing Traumatic Stress Reponses such as PTSD, severe anxiety, depression and a wide range of disorders.

The Best of FasterEFT is Now Available for Everyone
The Best of FasterEFT is Now Available for Everyone

A Quick Overview of the Faster EFT System

Every disorder is seen in FasterEFT Belief System as part of our core coping skills. If you scrape complicated issues beyond the surface you will discover the many layers of why the problem exists.

The Faster EFT healing process is designed to address these layers of the problem by accessing the memories or “data” stored within the unconscious/subconscious mind. It is a huge memory storage that our conscious mind draws information from to be used as reference on how we interpret the world around us. This cloud of memories within the mind is the basis of the structure of what we have come to understand as disorders.

To address the issues properly Faster EFT uses the “good-bad collapse method” in memory reimprinting. Meaning there is no need to address the memories associated with a disorder one by one. Since the subconscious has formed structures with links to various experiences and information, addressing certain memories will automatically result in collapse of others.

When to Use Faster EFT

  1. Depression and Sadness
  2. Fears and Phobias
  3. Addictive Cravings (food, smoking, drugs and alcohol)
  4. Anger
  5. Grief and Loss
  6. Guilt
  7. Negative Memories
  8. Nighmares
  9. Chronic Pain and Pain Symptom Management (arthritis, fibromyalgia, neck pain, etc…)
  10. Healing – Mental and Physical
  11. Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
  12. Enhance Athletic Performance
  13. Reimprint Negative Memories or Changing Negative Thinking
  14. Sexual Abuse Issues
  15. Compulsions and Obsessions
  16. Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  17. Weight Loss
  18. General Stress

Personal Application of FasterEFT to overcome simple to moderate fears and phobias:

  1. Water
  2. Diseases
  3. Computers
  4. Driving
  5. Marriage and Relationships
  6. Public Speaking
  7. Rejection
  8. Sex
  9. Snakes, spiders, etc.
  10. Needles
  11. Claustrophobia

Faster EFT works with any type of fears and phobia and the list can go on. Nonetheless, for extreme phobias, it is best to consult a Faster EFT Practitioner.

The infographic below will show you how to apply the FasterEFT technique when dealing with simple to moderately complex life problems. However, we still recommend finding a practitioner if you are experiencing severe cases of phobias, Traumatic Stress Responses and very complex life problems.


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