Question and Answers with Robert G. Smith – LOA and Claustrophobia

June 8 2016 Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers with Robert G. Smith

The Law of Attraction and FasterEFT




“Hello Robert!

I have been trying to understand something and feel a bit stuck. If the Law of Attraction dictates that what we place our focus upon is what we manifest. Then in the Faster EFT processes in using the “don’t wants” while tapping how does that not bring it into more focus and thus more manifestation?” – Maria Paula Re



Hi Maria,

The Law of Attraction does not respond to what you are trying to put into your mind – whether that’s through affirmations, tapping, meditation, or anything else. It is responding to what you already hold. In other words, if you already hold the information that you are not worthy of abundance, you will be attracting and creating experiences that fit in with that information. You may try putting in information that you deserve abundance, and that you already have abundance; but the only way for it to become effective is if the original records (the proof) you already hold – that you are not worthy of abundance – are changed. It is what you already hold in your subconscious that the Law of Attraction is responding to, not what you are trying to put in.

Using FasterEFT enables you to change what you hold in your subconscious. You’re not tapping the “don’t wants” in – they’re already in there. You are aiming at them, and then disrupting the system in order to change them. By using FasterEFT you are changing the original data that is held in your subconscious (and that the LOA is responding to). And once you have flipped it, the LOA will be automatically responding to the new information – the “do wants”.

Hope this makes sense; but let us know if you still have questions.





“I am claustrophobic since I remember. I am to travel to Austria in July, and the thought of an eight hour flight is causing me to have panic attacks since the last two weeks. How can I cure it fast? Please help.”



First of all, there is no cure because there’s no illness. Secondly, panic attacks are designed to keep you safe. So, in order to change the panic feeling, you need to change the resources that your subconscious is referring to, which result in the panic attack. You’re not broken and you’re not sick; you are successfully creating panic attacks.

Ask yourself what is the purpose of this? What are you doing inside your head? Inside you, you’re doing something.

Ask yourself the following questions, and write down the answers:

1. How do you know you have this fear? Notice what you’re seeing inside your head; what you hear; what you feel etc. What are you thinking about to create this problem?

2. Have I ever had any other experiences like this?

Write down all of the memories, references and proofs that you have that relate to this particular fear. And then use the FasterEFT Technique to tap on them and flip each one. Bear in mind that the memories may not appear to be about the same topic; but if they come up during the process, they will be connected.

For example:

A woman who had a fear of flying discovered that it was connected to issues with her relationship with her parents. She would take a flight to visit her parents; and her fear was really the anticipation of seeing her parents, not of the flight itself. However, since the subconscious is unable to use logic or reason, it connected the stress of being with her parents, with the experience of flying. Clearing the issues around her parents cleared the fear of flying.

Another example:

A man Robert worked with had claustrophobia; and as Robert worked with him using FasterEFT, a memory came up from when he was five years old. His brother had rolled him up in a carpet and put him in the trunk of a vehicle. That event was recorded in his subconscious, along with the extreme emotions that accompanied the experience. From then on, in order to protect him, his subconscious would prompt his brain to trigger the fight or flight response whenever he was in “danger” of being in a confined space again. During the session, Robert took this man back to that experience, tapped on it, and changed the memory – rewriting the story. After flipping the memory, the claustrophobia cleared.

If you’re finding it difficult to address your fears and phobias on your own, there are a few options you can take advantage of:

1. Tap along with the videos in the FasterEFT Fears and Phobias Playlist.

2. Speak to a Certified FasterEFT Practioner to find out how they can help you.

3. Attend a live event to receive a more intensive understanding of how your mind is working, and to benefit from personal support.

4. Invest in the Home Study Course to develop the skills to use FasterEFT to transform all areas of your life.

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