How to Reduce the Risks Caused by Burnout

As the leading mind and body healing modality that resolves chronic stress disorder, FasterEFT remains unbeatable in delivering results when it comes to reducing the risks caused by burnout.


When constant stress leaves you feeling helpless and often leads to exhaustion, it can lead to burnout.


Burnout or chronic stress is something that must not be ignored.


In a state of burnout, problems seem to be more difficult, an individual’s coping mechanism is abridged and everything may seem more difficult than it really is.


Burnout is the leading precursor to unhappiness and detachment.


Because of this, your social health including your job, relationships and physical health are at risk.


No one should suffer from burnout.


Faster EFT keeps burnout at bay and can teach you to overcome stressors and regain balance in your life to maintain feeling positive and hopeful.

How to Reduce the Risks Caused by Burnout

A Closer Look at Burnout

Chronic stress or burnout is a state of emotional, psychological and physical exhaustion caused by prolonged stress.


Burnout occurs when you are feeling overwhelmed, emotionally strained and unable to meet life’s demands.


Since stress is unavoidable, constant exposure to it can lead to losing interest and motivation that can lead to feeling like a failure.


Burnout is the leading cause of unproductivity and can drain your energy leaving you feeling helpless, cynical and resentful.


The effects of burnout can spill across all aspects of one’s life.


The long-term effects of burnout can damage physical health.


That is why FasterEFT aims to provide lasting resolution to burnout by teaching techniques to prevent major breakdown.




The Physical Signs and Symptoms of Burnout

  1. Feeling tired, drained or no energy most of the time.
  2. Weak immunity
  3. Frequent or chronic headaches and muscle pain
  4. Change in appetite
  5. Change in sleeping habits


Emotional Signs and Symptoms of Burnout

  1. Self-doubt and feeling of failure
  2. Feeling of helplessness and defeat
  3. Social detachment
  4. No motivation
  5. Cynical and negative outlook in every experience
  6. No sense of accomplishment

Changes in Behavior Due to Burnout

  1. Slowly being withdrawn from responsibilities
  2. Socially isolated
  3. Procrastinating
  4. Turning to food, drugs or alcohol to cope
  5. Anger towards other people
  6. Unproductive at work

Stress vs. Burnout

Stress is closely related and interlinked with burnout.


Prolonged exposure to stress may lead to burnout but they are two terms that are not similar.


Stress, if managed properly can actually lead to being productive and energized.


However, burnout does not exactly do the same thing.


Burnout is the negative impact of prolonged stress that affects physical and emotional health.

Addressing Burnout Through FasterEFT

The root cause of burnout is not the stressor.


We can say that experiences, things and people may cause someone to feel highly stressed and lead to eventual burnout.


To change your work environment just because you feel burnout will not really resolve the issue.


This is evident in many stories wherein a person changes a job but still feels the same in their new workplace.


This is because burnout is a mental programming.


Take a minute to assess your job or life and why other people do not react the same way as you do.


This is because our perception about any experience or stressor is a unique mental program.


To truly resolve issues in an individual’s life that causes burnout, there is a need to change this mental program.


That is where FasterEFT comes in and now known to be the number one stress-busting system that allows a person to cope with day-to-day stress and eliminate the risks caused by burnout.


Imprints or memories that are used by your mind to formulate a stress response is the major cause of feeling burnout.


It does not mean you are sick or something is totally wrong, it only suggests that your mind is trained to draw references from a memory that causes you to react in such a way.


FasterEFT memory re-imprinting and memory manipulation can help an individual collapse the structure that supports reacting in a highly-stressed state all the time, thus allowing the body to recover.


Prevention is better than cure, that is why it is better to address burnout early on than to wait for the physical manifestation of stress-related illnesses.


Get started with FasterEFT and reduce the risks caused by burnout.



The following are simple ways of reducing burnout:

1. Regular Time Out

Allow your mind to help the body’s recovery from stress by allocating time to relax and unwind.


Stress is a mental pattern or a programming that directly influences the body, meaning if you take time to change your mental input, it can also help you produce better responses.

2. Switch Off Gadgets

Our modern lifestyle exposes us to stress.


Gadgets that were invented to provide us convenience do not necessarily function the same.


Today, gadgets and social media can cause us to easily feel stressed.


It would be greatly beneficial if you could switch off from technology a few hours a day and just allow your mind to be calm without social distractions.

3. Develop Problem Solving Skills

Take time to solve simple problems.


This will help you gain enough strength and skills to overcome bigger ones when they arrive.


Problem solving skills are essential to keep us not only safe but also to gain psychological flexibility.


FasterEFT is a system devoted not only to help you overcome stress but provide psychological flexibility and build a strong architecture of happiness in your life.

4. Set Boundaries

The easiest way to get stressed is to allow everyone inside your life without setting boundaries.


Little do we care if we give too much of ourselves to our job, relationships or friendships.


It is important that whatever happens you have an identity and maintain self-care.

5. Look for Support

Should stress become very difficult and you feel that you are heading towards burnout, reach for support.


There are thousands of FasterEFT practitioners who can help you, find one near you by clicking here.


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