Reimprinting The Crippling Source of Pain

The uncomfortable sensation of pain acts like a messenger that there is a deeper problem. Any type of pain, if not directly caused by a torn muscle, a broken bone or damaged tissue is difficult to locate, for it resides within the deeper consciousness from imprints or memories that support it.

When pain is chronic, it is crippling. It affects all areas of our lives and can be an unending source of more problems. Migraines and headaches with no pathophysiological origins, for example, can affect our lives from the simplest routine to those that demand concentration.

Moreover, chronic pain can reduce our cognitive skills and cause a change in our mood and behavior. This changes our behavior towards other people, those we work with and those we care about.

To reimprint the crippling source of pain means allowing the mind to lead us to the source of where this messenger of pain is coming from. An imprint or a memory that supports and creates pain can be collapsed by releasing the emotions they carry.

FasterEFT being the most advanced and effective memory reimprinting tool used by tens of thousands of people around the globe can help you overcome pain without invasive therapeutic procedures or medications.

The FasterEFT memory reimprinting process is self-applicable and easy to learn. Through FasterEFT pain-specific programs, an individual is given a chance to restructure pain from within the mind allowing the body to recover and sustain a happy life.

Benefits of FasterEFT memory reimprinting in addressing pain:


1. It complements medications

If you are suffering from chronic pain and have been taking medications, you may still apply FasterEFT techniques to help manage the pain. It is advised that you consult a medical professional before quitting any pain medication. Some prescription drugs may be useful if your doctor is trying to treat a physical illness that requires it.

In most cases, since FasterEFT is all natural and uses the power of the mind to provide lasting resolution to pain, it can be used for long-term benefits without risks of adverse side effects.

2. It can help regulate pain

Pain generators and level indicators vary from one individual to the next. FasterEFT is a system that can help regulate mild to severe pain. In times when your pain score is reaching numbers you would consider crippling, you may apply the FasterEFT technique to regulate it and allow the mind to restore balance.

3. Pain and stress

A person suffering from chronic pain goes through a very stressful state. When pain receptors are fired across the brain, they also produce the fight or flight response. In other words, they produce stress responses. A body that is constantly under high-stress is flooded by torrents of stress hormones and this can be very damaging for the organs and can alter natural body systems.

With FasterEFT, stress responses due to chronic pain are greatly reduced, reimprinted and released.

4. More than rehabilitation it is all life management in a casing

More than rehabilitating a person who is suffering from pain back to life, Faster EFT offers a new way of looking at life. Managing stress and welcoming health and wealth.

This means you are not only free from pain but you are given an opportunity to tap into the rich vein of health, wealth and wellness as you learn how to manage your life by aligning to your mind’s ultimate purpose and abilities.

5. Provide resolution to emotions causing pain

Pain is often the language of unresolved emotional issues. These issues may have occurred in the recent past or years ago, back when you were younger. FasterEFT can activate mental healing from pain by focusing on the imprints carrying emotional values that emanate as pain.

It is by far the only system that can provide a lasting resolution without re-traumatizing the patient or causing more pain to manifest.


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Connecting the mind and body to help reduce and recover from pain:


1. Reach out to practitioners

Should pain be more debilitating and if medications aren’t working and you are consciously taking the initiative to seek out alternative healing, seek out practitioners that are qualified with years of training and expertise in whatever holistic care you choose.

FasterEFT is a mature modality with thousands of certified practitioners that can help from mild to severe chronic pain, that cannot be solved by modern medicine. It has a great track record for providing not only relief from symptoms, but an overall resolution to pain.

Click here to talk to a practitioner.

2. Find a support system

Pain although crippling has to be understood as only a hurdle in life. Win the battle by conditioning your mind that you can continue to socialize and be among friends and family who understand what you are going through.

Do not isolate yourself. Isolation will only worsen your situation and create more pain triggers and reduce your tolerance to pain. That is why Robert took the initiative to set up webinars, social media groups and communities across the web to help those are on the verge of isolation to find someone they can resonate with in whatever problem they are going through.

3. Quiet time

Meditation is great in building resilience to pain. Boost the effects of meditation using FasterEFT and find it easier to tap into a meditative state by clearing the clutter in your mind.

4. Make a note of your progress

Keeping a pain score journal can help you and those professionals you are working with assess the effectiveness of any treatment. When you get involved in a physical activity, note if it leads you to feel pain or fatigued.

Keep your scores from 1-10, it will give you a better idea about which activities trigger pain and how you can manage it well.

5. Enhance your mood naturally

Pain is a major mood destroying sensation. Medications have side effects that can also alter your mood causing you to feel drained and depleted. Naturally enhance your mood through a balanced nutritious diet and consume more mood enhancing types of food such as fruits and vegetables.

Aiding your digestion can greatly help enhance the mood as your body spends less energy on trying to digest a heavy meal.

To improve your mood, use the FasterEFT tapping style to instantly collapse buildup of mental tension rooted from an experience. It can deliver instant relief by clearing your mind and blocking stress response through tapping on the meridian points


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