Resolving Bad Dating Habits and Issues with Faster EFT

Sometimes it can feel like you’re going crazy, or you’re cursed, when it comes to dating. Many people find that, no matter how hard they try to avoid certain dating issues, they seem to be “haunted” by them.

Whether it’s attracting the same kind of (undesirable) traits in a person, or experiencing repeated rejection, disrespect, or a range of other problems, there’s a reason for it. Understanding this reason will help you to free yourself from the dating issues trap completely!

Dating Issues

What’s Wrong with Me?

You may find yourself wondering why you’re continuing to be attracted to people who treat you in the same way. Or you may be confused as to why you can’t find someone who is as interested in you as you are in them. There are an infinite number of other possible dating issues.

Whatever they are, the reason it’s there is not because there’s something wrong with you. You are working perfectly.

So, What’s with the Issues?

The reason you’re experiencing the pattern is because you are carrying the blueprint for it. You cannot experience anything you don’t have a structure for within your subconscious. It is your subconscious mind that determines how you feel, how you respond, and how you act.

Your conscious mind follows subtle sensations and impulses triggered by your subconscious. And since we are, for the most part, completely unaware of this, we think that the conscious mind is in control.

For more detailed information on how the structure of problems is created in the subconscious, and how it affects daily life.

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How to End the Cycle

Regardless of what dating issues you’ve been experiencing, the solution is the same. Change the original references held in your subconscious, and this will result in an automatic change in what you experience.

How is this possible? The change in the data that your subconscious is referring to as “evidence” of who you are and how the world works will change the way it triggers your brain and body.

These new signals will result in different feelings, perspectives, perceptions, understandings, choices, and actions. These changes will affect the way you communicate and relate to others; and they will affect who you are attracted to, and in turn, who is attracted to you.

Since the reason for your current dating issues has to be based on some kind of “evidence” held in your subconscious, it will relate to something from your past. The connection may not be clear to the conscious mind. It could be based on relationships with parents or others from your childhood or it could have nothing to do with relationships at all.

So, How Do You Change it?

Fortunately, you don’t need to know what the original cause is. You only need to address what you do know. Start by noticing how you know you have dating issues. What is it about your experiences that bothers you? What do you believe about yourself and others based on these experiences?

Then, make a note of any experiences you can remember where you felt the same. You only need to use one or two words to identify them for yourself, rather than describing what happened.

Next, go through that list, and use FasterEFT to address and flip each of those memories. Make sure you keep going until the memory has completely flipped. Remember, the memory is the “proof” or “evidence” that your subconscious is referring to; and it is forming the foundation of the results you are currently experiencing. Change the memory, and your results automatically change.

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Article by: Robert G. Smith 

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