Robert G. Smith and FasterEFT Cannot Heal You!

Because of the way we come into this world and the way the mind functions, there is a natural tendency to look outside ourselves for solutions to our problems. A new-born baby is completely reliant on those around him for his survival; and everything he experiences is caused by someone else since he is not yet capable of doing anything for himself. During the early years of a child’s life, his subconscious is recording everything that happens to him, interpreting it as “proof” of how the world works, and filing it for future reference. This results in a foundation belief that people outside of himself affect his experience; and that his well-being is dependent on those around him. As an adult, this foundation belief remains “true” and the man lives according to it. He has no idea that he holds all of the power – and is the only one who can truly affect his life experiences.

Why Robert Cannot Heal You

While tens of thousands of people have been healed – emotionally, physically and mentally – through FasterEFT and being tapped on by Robert G. Smith, it is not Robert or FasterEFT that is responsible for the healing. In fact, Robert hasn’t healed a single person – except himself. He has, however, empowered and guided those he’s tapped on to heal themselves. Each person is responsible for their own healing. No-one outside of you can heal you; only you can heal yourself. Robert, and certified FasterEFT practitioners can guide you – they can empower you with the information on how your mind works; they can give you the guidance you need to access your own subconscious beliefs and change them, but they cannot heal you. Only you can do that.

A dentist can show you how to take care of your teeth properly, and he can give them a good clean while you’re in his chair; but you have to follow his advice and keep up the dental hygiene yourself if you really want healthy teeth.

Why FasterEFT Cannot Heal You

FasterEFT is a tool, not a magic power. It’s like a tooth brush and floss – you have to use it. FasterEFT will not heal you on its own any more than a toothbrush will clean your teeth on its own. You have to use it. You need to know how to brush your teeth effectively, and pick up the toothbrush and use it properly in order to get the results. If you didn’t use your toothbrush effectively and you ended up with cavities, you wouldn’t blame the toothbrush and claim that toothbrushes don’t work. You would need to make the effort to make sure you’re brushing properly and that you are using the toothbrush and floss consistently to keep your teeth clean.

You are cleaning your teeth – using the toothbrush and floss.
You are transforming your life – using FasterEFT.

It’s All Up to You

Taking responsibility for your own healing can feel daunting and overwhelming… or it can be empowering and freeing. You get to choose your own experience by choosing your own perspective. Taking responsibility for your own healing is effectively taking control of your own life – getting into the driver’s seat and choosing to create your life the way you want it to be. No-one outside of you can reach those controls. You’re either driving and choosing your life experiences, or you’re allowing yourself to be at the mercy of your own auto-pilot. Either way, it’s all you.

Take the leap – jump into the driver’s seat – follow the guidance of Robert and other certified practitioners, use the powerful tool of FasterEFT, but take control of your own healing by recognizing that you are the only one who has real power over yourself.

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