Science Discovers Meridians – FasterEFT Makes The Most of Them!

Up until recently, the meridians used in acupuncture, EFT and other modalities and treatments were not recognized in medical science.


However, recent studies have shown that, while the energy system is not necessarily yet detectable by science, the meridian system may be at least physically represented.


The tapping points used in FasterEFT are chosen for their simplicity and the fact that they address the major organs responsible for the stress “fight-freeze-or-flight” state.


These organs produce chemicals that cause the sensations of negative emotions.


Whereas in regular EFT, tapping addresses energetic blocks, in FasterEFT, tapping on these meridian points interrupts the signal between the brain and the organs responsible for the production of those stress chemicals.

Science Discovers Meridians

What Has Science Discovered?

While it is clear that further studies are needed, in order to fully explain the system, medical science has moved forward in its exploration.


Medical studies have now shown that there is some evidence that acupoints are connected to the brain through neural pathways.


Stimulating these points seems to cause an effect on the signal between the brain and certain areas of the body.


The results of these studies presented questions that need to be explored in further studies.


One of these questions is: Why do 70% of patients respond to acupuncture while others don’t?


This could be answered by the part of the process that was not covered in this study – the effect of the subconscious.






The Meridian Points as Used in FasterEFT

The studies carried out so far regarding meridian points have mainly addressed the physical responses of acupuncture and acupressure.


Some additional studies explore the results achieved by regular EFT.


In all of these cases, the research focuses on explaining the results on a physical or energetic basis.


These studies have looked at the connection between the acupoints and the physical results in the body.


These include blood pressure and heart-rate.


While scientific research into the meridian system so far has started to head in the direction of finding answers, it has not yet gone far enough.


In acupuncture and acupressure, the stimulation of certain meridian points relieves physical symptoms directly.


Regular EFT aims at clearing disruptions in the energy system by tapping on certain meridian points, addressing the energetic meridian system.


In FasterEFT, we go beyond both of those points.


We go along the “production line” to the source of problems: The connection between the subconscious and the meridian system.

The Connection Between the Subconscious and the Meridian System

The cerebellum is the part of the brain known as “the seat of the subconscious”.


The subconscious contains all of the “proof” and “evidence” automatically recorded over the course of our lives.


This is the proof of who we are and what “reality” is.


The subconscious is constantly referring to this data and prompting the brain to trigger responses in the body.


As science has discovered, the meridian system may well provide the “messaging system” through which the brain triggers responses in the organs.


For example, signals from the brain to the stomach to produce the chemicals that create the sensations of fear would pass through the stomach meridian – the acupoint under the eye.


This is the third FasterEFT meridian tapping point.

The Answer to the Question: “Why do 70% of patients respond to acupuncture while others do not?”*

This was one of the questions that resulted from recent scientific studies of the meridian system.


It’s important to bear in mind that the studies focused only on physical ailments.


They did not focus on emotional, mental, behavioral patterns, or any other areas of problems addressed using regular EFT and FasterEFT.


Had these other areas been included, the percentage of patients responding to the stimulation of acupuncture meridian points would have been, presumably, significantly lower.


With the meridians providing a connection between the brain and the body’s organs, tapping on those points alone could produce certain results.


However, since the original source that is causing the problem is the data contained in the subconscious, tapping alone may not solve all problems.

Changing Blue Gadgets to Red

Picture a conveyor belt in a factory.


At the source of the conveyor belt, the machine is producing blue gadgets and adding them to the belt.


However, the sales representative has found that blue gadgets don’t sell very well.


He wants red gadgets.


Asking the factory worker half-way along the belt to replace the blue gadgets with red gadgets may result in the sales rep receiving some red gadgets, but a fair number of blue will still through.


The factory worker will be unable to replace every single blue gadget.


The answer would be to go to the beginning of the belt.


And change the settings on the machine that is producing blue gadgets, to produce red instead.


Purely addressing the acupoints – whether that is using needles, heat, pressure, or tapping – is like dealing with the factory worker.


It’s intercepting the production line, but not changing the original source of the problem.


Using the full FasterEFT process, which includes aiming correctly and using de-fractionation effectively, to change the original records held in the subconscious, is the equivalent of changing those settings on the machine making the gadgets.


For more information on how FasterEFT works with your brain, read: The Science Behind FasterEFT.

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