The Secret Key to Successful, Lasting Healing

What’s the difference between those who experience miraculous healing from Faster EFT, like Heather McKean, Tiffany Jeffers and so many others, and those who use the process but don’t see the results they’re looking for? There is one core key that makes all the difference.

Each of us has access to this key, but very few know about it – and fewer still actually use it once they do know about it. Whether you want to heal physically, emotionally or psychologically – or you want to heal areas of your life such as your relationships or finances – the key is the same.

Choose to use this key, and you will be amazed at the speed and magnitude of the results!

The Secret Key to Successful Lasting Healing

What is the Secret Key?

Without this key, no matter how much you tap, you cannot achieve lasting results.
With it, you will experience miracles.

In her video: My Healing Journey with Faster EFT Heather McKean points out the defining moment that set her on a remarkable (and insanely fast!) recovery from serious, degenerative physical illness. With regular ongoing treatments and consultations from a range of specialists, including a cardiologist, a neurologist, a rheumatologist and a spine surgeon, over years, Heather suffered from an overwhelming array of conditions.

You can read about (and watch the videos of) her story – with details on the diseases and how she’s healed – on her website: www.tapintou.com – but to give you a brief example, her conditions included: Lyme disease; POTS; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Degenerative Disk Disease; Migraine Disorder; and Siliax Disease – to name just a few!

Heather has now not only fully recovered from all of her conditions; her life has completely transformed. She’s gone from being bed-ridden and on 180 pills of medication per day as well as regular injected medication, constant severe pain and endless visits to specialists – to living an active, healthy and fun life in Maui, Hawaii with her family.

She’s gone from being unable to walk without excruciating pain – to lifting weights, working out, and travelling the world. So, what’s the difference between Heather and the others who have achieved such incredible healing using Faster EFT – and those who haven’t?

Heather’s Defining Moment

Heather+McKeanHeather managed to get herself to a Faster EFT Transformational Weekend in Oklahoma; and while she was sitting (in pain), listening to Robert G. Smith explain how the mind works and how we have problems, she understood something for the first time.

She understood the secret key to all healing. She explains in her video that she realized in that moment “I’m doing it to myself!” Yes, her conditions were real – very real.

She had specialists, blood tests, MRIs and CT scans that proved they were real – not to mention the chronic pain and other symptoms; and yet, in that moment she understood that these conditions – as real as they were – were created by herself.

And that is the key that unlocks real, lasting healing. That is the reason Heather, Tiffany, and others like them have been able to experience such incredible healing despite the contradicting prognoses they faced.

The Key to Real Healing that Lasts

For many people, the idea that whatever is “wrong” in their lives is being created by themselves is an abhorrent one. The reason for this is the confusion between taking responsibility and taking the blame.

In that moment, when Heather realized that she was creating the conditions she was suffering from, she understood the empowering fact that if she was creating them, she could heal them.

Up until then, she had been under the impression (along with the majority of people) that she was at the mercy of the diseases, bacteria, genetic conditions and other factors outside her control – and those things were all still there – but if she was doing it to herself, that meant she had the power to stop doing it. And she was prepared to do what it took to find out how to make that happen.

The Choice

While that key is available to everyone who hears about it, not many will have the courage or the determination to pick it up and use it to unlock their healing. Having read this information, having watched Robert Smith explain how the mind works, and having heard Heather’s story, you now have the key.

You have it – whether you choose to use it or not is, of course, up to you. If you genuinely want effective, lasting healing in any area of your life – from your physical, emotional and mental health to your relationships, finances and career – you need to use that key. You cannot get far without it.

Dealing with Doubts

If you have doubts, consider this:

  1. Think about what it means if your problems are caused by people, circumstances, issues and conditions outside of your control – notice how that feels.
  2. What if your problems are caused by something inside you that you can change using this technique – yourself? What if you don’t need to rely on anyone else’s cooperation; what if you don’t need to hope that things beyond your control change, or that you get lucky or rescued? What if you have the power; and all you need to do is use a simple technique to change the records in your subconscious – to experience automatic results, without needing to force anything? It may seem far-fetched, but just suspend disbelief for a moment, and pretend that’s true. Now, how does that feel?

Luckily, it costs you absolutely nothing to try it.

Faster EFT Powerful Tip for Dealing with Negativity

If you come across negativity from others, no matter who they are, remind yourself that they are an excellent example of those who refuse to use the key. They’re still insisting on looking outside themselves for solutions. The wonderful news is – you don’t need their input in order to use that key. You’re carrying it already, and you get to choose to use it, or not.

How to Use the Key

  1. Do whatever it takes to fully understand and accept that whatever your problems are – whatever your circumstances, issues, and conditions are – you are the only one in charge. As Heather says, you are doing it to yourself – no matter how unlikely that may seem. Understand that this is the most empowering knowledge you have received since it literally puts you in control of absolutely everything you experience in life. And if you find yourself doubting that at all, re-read Heather’s story and watch her videos again. If someone with that level of debilitating degenerative physical conditions can understand and accept that she’s doing it to herself – and use that knowledge to achieve a full and speedy recovery from every one of those conditions – anyone can!
  1. Armed with that key, unlock your healing – using the FasterEFT process to clear the subconscious records that are causing your problems. For detailed step-by-step guidance on this read: The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step and visit: The FasterEFT System and Tips on Using FasterEFT. Don’t stop until you see the results you want. If you’re finding it challenging, get help from an approved FasterEFT practitioner; watch Robert’s YouTube videos; attend a Live Seminar; post your questions or requests for help in the Facebook Group – do whatever it takes.

Remember, the key is:

You are doing it to you. You only need to find out how to stop doing it. As long as you keep reminding yourself of that, and do whatever it takes to take that control back, you will surprise yourself with the amazing power you have to create the life you want!

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