Faster EFT Explains The Secret to The Secret isn’t in “The Secret”

You may have read the book or seen the movie that provided an excellent introduction to the law of attraction. You may have followed the advice – visualizing and feeling as if you already have that which you desire. And you may have felt let down when it didn’t appear to work for you.

You may have read the success stories, and even heard directly from people you know, about how vision boards and visualization – along with feeling as if it’s already true – worked miracles for others. You may be wondering what’s wrong with you; what is it that you’re doing wrong?

You’re doing exactly what the others are doing, and exactly what the LOA gurus suggest, and yet where it works for others, it’s not working for you. Here’s the real secret to the secret – and once you address this, there’ll be no stopping you!

The Secret to The Secret isn't in The Secret

The Bit That Was Left Out

The truth is that you do attract and create what you hold – but it is what you hold subconsciously, not consciously, that affects your results. If you want that new car, and you follow exactly what is suggested in The Secret and by the LOA teachers – exactly what others have done to manifest their desires successfully, visualizing and believing that you already have the car – but you have a subconscious core belief that you don’t deserve it, or that it would be detrimental for you in some way, it is that subconscious belief that will be producing your results, not your conscious efforts.

Visualizing consciously will only work if there are no conflicting records in your subconscious. Any subconscious beliefs will always override your conscious desires and beliefs because the primary role of your subconscious is to keep you safe and ensure that you thrive to your best potential within your environment – based on the “proof” provided by previous life experience.

Since these records are the foundation of your own unique reality, no amount of visualizing consciously will result in creating or attracting anything that contradicts them.

How to Use the Missing Piece to Create and Attract What You Desire

In order to automatically and effortlessly manifest what you want in your life, you need to change the original records that are preventing you from doing so. And this is easier than you might expect, using FasterEFT. Take a moment to think about what it is you want to manifest in your life. As you do so, take notice of what thoughts and feelings come up.

Make a note of these feelings and thoughts, along with any memories that support them. Then, use the FasterEFT process to address each one. Keep repeating the process until all memories have flipped, and there is no trace of any negative feelings, thoughts or resistance. It is very important to keep going until you have completely flipped the memories since these are the references your subconscious is using to determine what you experience in your life.

Once you have flipped all of these memories, go back to thinking about your desire – use the visualization techniques – and notice if there are any bad feelings or thoughts remaining. If there are, make sure you address those too. Your visualization efforts will only be truly effective if you have completely changed the original records that determine your reality.

Now that you have the real secret to the Law of Attraction, there is no limit to what you can create and attract in your life!

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