Be Set Free from Successfully Failing

We are all scared of being a failure. We see our mistakes as a sign that we’ve failed, not as a challenge to help us improve. Since we were little we have been programmed to view the gap between our current standpoint in life and success as the space where failures abound.

Our mental programming sees anything and everything that does not align with society’s definition of success as a failure. This very same mentality is the reason why you are successfully failing in some aspects of life.

To be set free from failing you need to identify the source that supports the structure of a failure mindset, from your deeper consciousness. To be set free from failing does not make you instantaneously successful and free from mistakes and hardships.

It is being psychologically and emotionally flexible should tough times arrive. This is the reality of success, this is the reality of life.


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What FasterEFT truly does is allow you to train a happy and healthy mentality, that can support you in any challenging situation without feeling broken or feeling of failure. By showing you how to break free from the failure mindset, FasterEFT brings wellness, health and success into your life naturally and with ease.

In the following section, we will try to give you the reasons why you are successfully failing and how FasterEFT can help you break free from the cycle of failure.

7 Reasons Why You Are Successfully Failing


1. Fears

Being afraid of standing out from the crowd is one of the biggest reasons why most people are successfully failing. Like anything, fears are based on mental programming drawn from references held within our subconscious mind.

Often without us noticing, we tend to always give way for other people to outshine us. Some people fear success because they are afraid on shining the light on someone else’s squashed dreams. This becomes habitual and may have formed from childhood.

Unknowingly, we have built a strong foundation of fearing success and may still be living in denial that there was a relevant episode in our past where we gave in.

In the FasterEFT belief system, we believe that the structure of any form of fear can be reimprinted and manipulated. The imprints or the memories supporting the fear mindset can be collapsed and changed to allow the mind to form new habits aligned with success.

If you want to do something magnificent and incredible then you have to begin allowing your light to shine the brightest. Don’t be afraid to be different and exceptional for it is your uniqueness that can make you align to your life’s purpose with ease.

2. Be Passionate – Always, no exception!

Whatever you do, do it with passion. In whatever kind of job we have, it is our passion to execute our tasks that makes the difference. While our output may be the same as the rest of the people we are working with, if you are passionate about it, you are guaranteed less mental strain and allow for a more joyful experience.

Sometimes, it gets tough to remain passionate when you really do not like your job. Motivation to keep moving forward seems like the most difficult thing to achieve. But you can change this instead of quitting and maybe even use your current job that you hate as a catalyst for finding a better one without having to quit right away.

If you change your mindset, you have the ability to create motivation enough for you to enjoy doing what you do. If you hack through the ability of your mind to become more passionate, you can carry any type of job without feeling burnt out.

Faster EFT is a life management system that can help you become more passionate if you are losing the drive to get up and work on your dreams.


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3. Humility Will Keep Your Life Balanced

There are many people out there who accomplish and learn a little and suddenly brag that they are an expert. This isn’t healthy for one’s mind. It can create a bigger window for failure and feeling like a failure.

Humility is the inherent acceptance that there are many things that you still are yet to learn. It keeps your skills and knowledge in check and allows for growth. Being humble about your success will mentally prepare you to push forward to attain greater successes in life.

4. Not Recognizing the Value of Networking

This is very common for most us, we are in a perennial cycle of working without understanding and recognizing the signal to network. Networking is important, it allows you to build a tribe of people you can align with to draw support and inspiration from.

If you pay close attention to the many success stories, one thing you will definitely notice is that they have a strong network of other successful people within their circle.

Even in the non-professional world, isolation will not lead to success. You can easily get depressed if you do not have a network of strong friendships to help you. Living without social contact is very unhealthy for the mind, it reduces creativity and does not stimulate growth.

5. Arguing About Life

Life unfolds – that is no argument at all. See life as an ever-unfolding path with many great avenues for success and happiness. Try as much as you can to never argue with life, for if you do, you are bound to feel failure.

Life is to be harnessed, self is to be mastered.

This is what we are here for and if you cling to bad memories and feelings that are negative in nature, you are definitely going to produce those same problems and these problems will make you produce failure.

Succeed in life by understanding the source of your problems from deep within your own mind by not questioning the actions and behavior of other people. Produce a happy brain by allowing your mental resources to always be aligned to your passion and life’s purpose.

6. Minimize Distractions

How many things happen in the duration of 24 hours? A lot right? Now consider how many of those things are actually contributing to your success and how many aren’t?

From dramas on Facebook and distasteful tweets coming from public figures, you are easily enraged. These are modern distractions we subscribe ourselves into.

Shield yourself from easily being distracted by minimizing the use of social media. Also, do the same in real life, by minimizing gossips and other unimportant social activities. If you allocate your time to something of true value you are always a step closer to success.

7. Take Responsibility

You own everything in your life, both problems and successes. No one will fix your life’s problems except you and no one can claim your success except yourself.

One thing that seems so different about FasterEFT compared to other mind-body healing systems is that it always goes back to teaching that the source of all your problems is within you. Not your enemy, not your neighbors and certainly not your boss.

Taking full responsibility of your life will set you apart from the rest. To some, this may be a bit harsh, hearing that illnesses are their own creation and that they create problems in their lives.

But that is the truth, we create programs in our minds created by imprints that makes us react, overreact or underreact to anything. We create our own stress responses unconsciously that is why we also unconsciously produce illnesses. “We are a creation of our minds” – is a phrase that can be understood from spiritual to scientific levels.

In FasterEFT, it doesn’t mean that it is permanent, everything is impermanent in the mind, it can be changed and reprogrammed to create a better structure of thoughts and perceptions.

Taking responsibility in your life is similar to taking action. Understand that you need to take action today to change how the world works for you and how to stop being successful at failing.


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