Should You Spend Money on a Faster EFT Live Seminar?

It’s a big step; and it may seem like a big outlay, financially; how can you know whether or not it’s a good idea to spend money on a live event? How can you know whether or not it’s good idea to spend money on anything? Like everything in our lives, our perception of this choice is filtered through what we’re already carrying. To one person, spending money on a live seminar is indulgent – a luxury; to another, spending money on a live seminar is a priority in their journey forward towards the life they’re aiming to create for themselves. There is a simple and effective way to get through the filters and programming you’re carrying, and to gain a clearer perspective of whether spending money on attending a live event really is the best option for you, or not.

Should You Spend Money on a Live Seminar

Why Would You Go?

Start by making a list of the benefits you expect to gain by attending a live seminar. This will vary from person to person. For some, the most important part of a live event is connecting with like-minded people; for others, it’s about being able to get their questions answered in person; for you, it may be the fact that you can fully immerse yourself in improving your life in a supportive environment, without distractions; or the opportunity to receive help from experienced practitioners to boost your progress. Write down all of the reasons you want to go to the event, and what you expect to leave with.

A few of the main benefits of attending a live FasterEFT seminar are:

  • While there is a lot of information available online – with over 1,000 videos on YouTube and Vimeo; and the information shared on FasterEFT.com, there is a lot of information, tools and techniques that are only shared in the live seminars
  • The opportunity to learn the correct technique in person, and practice it on clearing your real-life problems
  • Many people have spent a fortune on other methods to try to solve their problems. Heather McKean spent over $500,000 on medical bills in just one year, before she attended the FasterEFT seminar that allowed her to heal herself – completely!
  • Understand the information in a new way and benefit from hearing the answers to other participants’ questions
  • Hands-on guidance, support and help
  • Developing friendships with others who are on a similar journey
  • Witnessing, first-hand, the transformations in others, as well as yourself
  • Leaving the event with an entirely new perspective on life – empowered with tools to overcome any challenges


Why Would You Not Go?

Now, make a list of the reasons you feel it would be better not to go. You may feel you can’t afford it; you may not like being in groups of people; you may have some social anxiety; you may have transport challenges; you may have other commitments on those dates. Whatever your reasons are for not going, write them all down.

Now, here’s the truth:

If you really want to go, the challenges that are preventing you from going can all be overcome – in some way. Bearing in mind, everything you experience, everything you perceive is colored by what you hold in your subconscious. It is colored by the core beliefs you are carrying – and those can be changed.

Finding Out the Truth About What You Really Want

Now that you have a list of benefits and a list of limitations, it’s time to sift through the filters to find out what it is you really want. Start with the list of challenges – reasons you feel you shouldn’t attend this event – and use the FasterEFT technique on each point on the list. Go back to where you’ve felt the same feeling in the past, and flip those memories.

For example:

Let’s say the first point on your list is that you can’t afford it. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and feel the feeling of not being able to afford it. How does it feel? Does it remind you of any other times in your life you’ve felt this feeling? These memories may have nothing to do with money; but they may have the same feeling. Go to the earliest one – or the one that has the strongest emotional charge – and use the FasterEFT technique to address it. Keep going through the process until you have flipped the memory and changed the feeling. Do the same with any other memories that come to you, that have the same feeling attached to them.

How Does it Work?

Using this process is not magic; it does not mean you will suddenly win the lottery, or come into a fortune in some other way; it works in a perfectly logical, down-to-earth way. Of course, you may find the money unexpectedly, or discover miracle solutions to the other problems preventing you from attending the event; but the key is – clearing the old programming and changing those subconscious references will result in a new way of thinking. As you change the records held in your subconscious, you are literally restructuring your brain – creating new neural pathways – which results in different thought patterns.

The prefrontal cortex, which is the part of your brain that is responsible for cognitive thinking and problem-solving is being restructured as you change the records in your subconscious. This means that you will start to think of solutions you’d never have thought of otherwise; you will start to notice opportunities you wouldn’t have seen before; and you will be more likely to make the most of these since you will be clearing the obstructive beliefs you’ve been carrying all this time that have prevented you from taking certain actions in the past.

Go through your list of challenges, using the FasterEFT technique on all related memories. Make sure you address any new issues that pop up as you go through the process. Then go back to your list of benefits, and add any new ones you’ve come up with. From now on, whenever you find any thoughts or memories coming up that bother you – that are negative in any way – use the FasterEFT process to clear them in the moment. If you’re in public or busy doing something that prevents you from tapping physically, use Mental Tapping.

As you clear the old records your subconscious is referencing, you will find that you can do absolutely anything you want to do. It’s no longer a case of not being able to do something due to limitations outside your control; it is now a case of choosing what you want to do, clearing any apparent barriers, and then simply going ahead and doing it!


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