Start Loving Yourself with FasterEFT for that Beautiful Body

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? And then as soon as you did, you started rattling off a list of things you disliked about your appearance? Never mind that there are some parts of your body that people keep telling you they wish they had.

Why does that happen? Why are we conditioned to criticizing ourselves so much? Why can’t it be that the first time you look in the mirror you think – “Wow, I look really good today.”


Anger, hatred, rejection, or any other negative emotion you feel towards yourself is the leading cause of all body image issues. It’s not that there’s something wrong with you, it’s just that there’s something wrong with how you think about yourself.

No one in the world is perfect. Even supermodels have insecurities about the way they look. They overcome that with a huge dollop of confidence and a winning attitude.

FasterEFT helps with Body Image Issues

Whatever your issues you can tap them away. FasterEFT is the only healing system in the world that can help you change your internal body image settings without struggle. You can repeat affirmations ad infinitum, but if you don’t believe them, they won’t work.

You have to really know, accept and acknowledge the beauty within yourself, and then notice the magic as your outside reality changes!


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When you look at yourself and feel discontentment, and hate the way you look , you are cursing yourself. Who does it hurt? You.

You’re not loving who? Yourself!

We often experience things in the world that contribute to our already negative state of mind, thereby perpetuating the cycle. For example, someone says to you, “You look like your Aunt Thelma.”

But you don’t like your Aunt Thelma. Now every time you look at yourself, you hate yourself even more because you accepted that you look like your Aunt Thelma whom you dislike.

It could be that someone says you have big hips, you’re too short, you’ve got your mother’s stomach, your nose, your hair, whatever it is. If you feel the negative energy towards yourself and a part of your body, that negative energy will keep you down.


Break the cycle

Every time thoughts of these nature come up, tap on them FasterEFT style! Click here to learn how tapping works.

The beauty of this technique is it works! People come to Robert’s seminars hating the way they look, and their weight, full of self loathing. And then he teaches them to tap FasterEFT style, and they do it.

They keep at it, tapping on every negative body image thought that comes up, and before they know it, they’ve cleared away the clutter. By tapping away the hurt, the guilt, fear, shame, whatever, they free themselves from destructive thoughts.

This allows them to truly appreciate what they DO like about themselves, focus on that, love that, and others respond in kind.

Your outside world starts reflecting the work you do on yourself – people start complimenting you, or asking you out on dates. Maybe they start saying you dress really well, whereas you still dress the same way as before. So, what changed? You! Your perception of yourself changed, and so did the reflection you got from your physical reality.

You should go and Love yourself

When you have the beauty within you, you will feel better about yourself. Once you feel better about yourself, you make better choices, have a more positive outlook on life and just feel better about life in general. It’s like a snowball gathering momentum and that’s all it takes! FasterEFT style tapping on yourself and knowing how your mind works.

Start loving yourself right as you are. If you think being at X weight is going to make you happy, what’s happens is that while you’re waiting to reach that optimal weight, you practice feeling miserable. And once you’ve reached your perfect weight, even if it took you two years, what happens is you’ll feel happy for a little bit.

But because you’ve become so used to feeling miserable, your new found victory won’t be enough to keep you from complaining. You’ll start getting angry and upset because your cheque didn’t arrive on time, your neighbor said something to you, or your tile has a crack in it, whatever. You will find reasons to keep feeling the same way, since you’ve become an expert at feeling miserable.

You have this great resource within you, to feel angry, hurt or rejected, if you don’t clear those feelings out. Clear them out by trusting the FasterEFT process.

Remember, that beautiful body is just a tap away!


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