Surprising Reasons that Prevent Personal Growth

One of the main reasons why many people are unable to achieve success in life is because they have subconscious fear of success. Fearing the thing you want most may sound strange at first, but when you dig a little deeper, it all makes perfect sense.

The conscious mind has no idea that the fear is there, that’s why whenever you strive to achieve your goals, you find yourself failing over and over again. This can get frustrating, but it’s because the fear is subconscious.

Surprising Reasons that Prevent Personal Growth

What prevents personal growth?

An ingrained fear of success prevents personal growth. Most people are of course, not aware of it. That’s why if you ask the average person if they believe they can become successful, they will say yes. However, their lives are a testament to struggle and failure.

Now you may ask, why would someone have a fear of getting what they wanted? The fear is based on subconscious references that provide “evidence” that if they were to achieve their goal, something bad would happen.

These references are memories from your past. They can be anything from being disapproved of or rejected by friends and family to having to take on more responsibility. FasterEFT aims to explain that most of these fears or negative emotions have many different aspects that form the structure for erroneous beliefs, and that most of them will not make any sense at all to the conscious mind.

This is why attaining personal growth in any area of life can seem difficult. This is because a fear of success is so hard to find in the first place, and then so hard to overcome – because there is usually no logic behind it since the subconscious does not work with logic and reason.

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The Causes

The foundation for failure can be created from various experiences – very often your fears will not have anything to do with success. Let’s use an example:

Julia has been working very hard to build her business. She’s worked very hard and very long to get to where she is now, but the business is barely breaking even. Julia has a part time day job as well, which she dislikes, and it’s her dream to leave her day job, and run her own business full time.

However, no matter how hard she works to build her business, she just can’t seem to get the clients she needs. Her service is excellent, and her customers are very satisfied with the job she does and the prices she charges; but she can’t seem to pick up any new clients.

She realizes that one of keys to building her business is marketing – and she hasn’t been doing the level of marketing she really needs to do.

Whenever she plans to spend time on marketing, something always seems to come up that distracts her or means she is unable to hire the relevant people to do the work she knows she needs to get done in order to grow her business.

It makes her feel like she’s trapped and that it’s all out of her control. Like she’s cursed or unlucky. Whatever she think, the truth is that her subconscious mind is running the show.

For example, she may feel tired, fall sick, get caught up in family emergencies, not have enough money to pay for the marketing professionals etc. whatever the seeming reason, it may seem urgent and pressing at the time, but the truth is, if it keeps repeating itself, it’s a pattern. A pattern that’s preventing Julia from personal growth – both in business and personally.

Back to the Past

Let’s go back in time a little to find out how Julia’s fear of success was created. When she was 7 years old, Julia saw her parents struggling to keep their business running. Her father and mother both worked two jobs in order to support her and her siblings.

She often heard them say how hard it was to run a business, or how they didn’t have enough money to cover expenses, how they had to struggle just to pay the bills etc. These interactions helped Julia form the belief that it was hard to achieve success and maintain it.

In other words, her success mindset was tinged with struggle and a fear of failure. Now in adulthood, despite all her efforts, she finds herself in the same position as her parents.

How it works – the neural connections

Julia’s subconscious made a connection – the struggle her parents faced with their business with personal failure. Now this is a very simplified example, usually a number of seemingly unrelated events can lead to a structure of failure being built within the mind.

FasterEFT and Success

As we experience life, the subconscious interprets our experiences, giving them meanings, and files them for future reference. This means that if you have an experience that your subconscious interprets to mean success is difficult, you will find that whenever the idea comes up of you trying to become successful, you feel resistance. And if you take notice, you will find you feel that resistance somewhere in your body. So, why do we flip memories in the FasterEFT process?

If you were to go back and change a negative experience to a positive one, your subconscious might hold the reference that success is easy and fun. This will mean that when the idea of building a business, or starting a new venture comes up, you will feel a pleasant feeling of anticipation. Again, if you pay attention to that sensation, you will notice that you feel it somewhere in your body.

This is referred to as FasterEFT memory reimprinting. Since most of the information that supports the fear of success is subconscious, and the conscious mind is completely unaware of it, we generally have no idea what memories are forming part of the structure of the fear. Fortunately, using FasterEFT means you don’t need to know the original information.

You only need to know how you know. How do you know you have this fear of success? And then address that; and as you clear and flip that, other thoughts, feelings and memories will come up that are connected. As long as you keep your focus on “how you know” your subconscious will do the work for you in transforming the data.


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Memory Reimprinting through FasterEFT

Any person’s memory can be manipulated to reprogram negative mindsets to create a wealth and health mindset. Robert’s techniques delivered through FasterEFT Memory Manipulation are among the most pronounced modalities in success and personal growth today.

What seems to be holding you back can become a stepping stone to something greater. Every action you take is dependent on your memories. The negative memories, or the ones that make you feel bad, are the ones FasterEFT can help you change.

This doesn’t mean we can change what happened or alter your memory in any way. This simply means changing your perception of the experience, so that you can look at those traumatic experiences through a fresh lens.

What makes you feel like you are living with a limited mentality, is dependent on your memories as they continue to produce the same patterns of thoughts. Imagine being intrinsically motivated to achieve success outside your habitual thinking without memories of failure.

Changing your perception

The reason why changing your perception to an event is so important is because memories play a vital role in our well- being. Our memories form the basis for how react to external circumstances. Because of this FasterEFT focuses on memory reimprinting. While other modalities keep focusing on symptoms and alleviate problems temporarily, Faster EFT focuses on a permanent resolution.

Memories that have a high emotional charge to them, in other words, memories that instantly make you feel happy, sad, angry, hurt etc. are the ones you need to target using FasterEFT. While habit has taught you that success is difficult or that achieving personal growth is a struggle, we are here to tell you that habits can be changed, and new ones can be created!

To reverse personal failure or self sabotaging thoughts, it’s important to retrain the brain through FasterEFT memory reimprinting. This will not only get rid of the problem, but dissolve it from the source.

So in short, there can be many reasons why you feel like personal growth is out of your reach. However, you can overcome them with FasterEFT. Our subconscious mind is the vessel of all our memories, good, bad and neutral.

Each of our experiences are filtered through the existing data from previous experiences. In short, whatever you deal with, the subconscious mind prompts the brain and the body to respond according to what it perceives. The data held within the subconscious forms the foundation of each individual’s version and perception of reality.

So changing that data automatically changes the perception. So, get started today and see for yourself how FasterEFT memory reimprinting can help you in attaining a success mindset and sustaining it.


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