The Damaging Effects of Resentment

Resentment may feel involuntary – it may feel as if you have no choice but to feel resentful – however, the truth is it is a choice, and there is a way to let it go. Feeling resentful has a powerful effect on your physical, emotional and mental health. The effects of resentment are also detrimental to all other areas of your life. Feelings of resentment affect the choices and decisions you make, the actions you take, the way you communicate with others, and the results you achieve in business.


The Effects of Resentment on Your Physical Health

When you feel resentful, your body is in a stressed state – a state of emergency also known as “fight, freeze or flight”. While you are feeling resentment, stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are coursing through your bloodstream. In fact, it is these chemicals that are causing the sensation of resentment. In addition to the stress chemicals, the effects on your body include an increase in heart-rate, blood being redirected from the organs to the limbs (for fighting or running away), and certain systems are minimized or shut down.

The digestive system, healing process and immune system are all negatively impacted when the state of fight or flight is prolonged. The body was designed for this emergency state to be short-lived – just long enough to ensure your survival in the event of a real physical threat to your life. However, since the brain and body do not know the difference between reality and imagination, when you think of something that bothers you, your body will go into the same state it would if you were being threatened by a predator.

Fighting or running away from a physical threat means the body is in that emergency state for a limited amount of time. Living with resentment means your body is under that state of emergency long-term – and this causes significant damage. The prolonged state of emergency can result in illness and disease; a reduced ability to heal effectively; and lack of energy and stamina. It also means the immune system and digestive system are not working properly and that the organs are not receiving the amount of blood flow they need. In addition to this, it affects the amount of nutrition the cells of the body are able to absorb.

There are many other ways resentment impacts the body negatively, but these are the main effects.

The Emotional Effects of Resentment

While you are feeling resentment, your body is flooded with the matching stress chemicals. These will dilute endorphins and other feel-good chemicals. A person who is feeling resentment will generally find it more difficult to enjoy themselves and appreciate the things that others appreciate. They will find it more difficult to feel love, gratitude and kindness since the stress hormones are literally flooding their system. This means that emotional reactions and communication with others are all negatively affected by the state of resentment.

The Mental Effects of Resentment

The “fight or flight” emergency state that accompanies feelings of resentment causes the prefrontal cortex of the brain to shut down. This means cognitive thinking is impacted, and the person is unable to think clearly. Since cognitive thinking is not needed in order to fight or run away from a threat the body is designed to minimize activity in the prefrontal cortex while it is in this emergency state. This affects problem solving, the ability to see opportunities, the ability to understand intellectually, and so much more.

The Solution

While resentment is an overwhelming emotion, there is a way to free yourself from it quickly and permanently. But you do need to make the decision and choose to do what it takes. The FasterEFT technique is the quickest, most effective way to get rid of resentment since it works by changing the original cause – the subconscious record that is resulting in the automatic response of resentment.

What Now?

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