The Faster EFT Technique – Step-by-Step

The Faster EFT technique is designed to change the references held in the subconscious that result in problems in all areas of life.FasterEFT-Blog-2-Image-463x480

In order for a problem to exist, there must be proof (the memory or record of an experience) and feelings. Feelings are what make a problem a problem. It is how you feel about something that determines whether it’s a problem or not. It is the feelings that make the problem real.

For example, one person may feel angry when they hear loud music in a parked car. Another person may enjoy the music – they hear the same loud music, but they feel good. In each of those cases, the subconscious is referencing a record that connects loud music in parked cars with either a negative meaning or a positive meaning; and then the brain signals the organs to produce the matching chemicals for those emotions.

How it Works

The Faster EFT technique interrupts that signal between the brain and the organs by focusing on the meridian points connected to those organs; and rewrites the reference or memory associated with that trigger.

In other words, if the person who feels angered by the loud music wanted to change that automatic response, they could use the FasterEFT technique to disrupt the production of the chemicals that cause the feeling of anger when they hear the music; and change the meaning of loud music in the subconscious from “rude” or “disruptive” (or whatever they learned it means) to fun and enjoyment. This will then result in an automatic feeling of enjoyment and fun when they hear that loud music in the future.

Using the FasterEFT Technique:

Step One: Aim

Notice how you know you have the problem. You don’t need to know what the emotions or feelings are, just notice how you know they’re there. What do you feel? Where in your body do you feel it? What do you see or hear? How do you know it’s a problem?

Step Two: Tap

Use two fingers to tap the following points, while focusing on the feeling of your fingers on your skin:

  • between your eyebrows
  • beside your eye
  • under your eye
  • just below your collarbone

While you are tapping, say “Let it go”. You can also add “It’s safe to let it go”.

Note: It doesn’t matter which side you tap – you can do either side, or both if you like.

Step Three: Peace

Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out, and say “peace” – and go to a peaceful memory for a moment.

Step Four: Check

Go back to your problem and take notice of how it’s changed. Do you feel different? Is the intensity of the feeling different? Does the memory look or sound different? Just notice.

Step Five: Repeat

Repeat steps two to four until the feeling or memory has “flipped” – in other words, the negative memory has been replaced by a positive memory.

The Key to Success:

Persistence is essential. Don’t stop until it’s changed – even if it doesn’t feel like it’s going to change – it will, as long as you keep going until it does.

We project our perception onto the world around us. Changing our perception changes our projection – which changes our experience.

To find out why the Faster EFT technique works and what causes all problems, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems or watch: FasterEFT Video 167


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