The Power of Ultimate Forgiveness

We all know that forgiveness is an important part of healing and happiness, but it’s not always easy to achieve.


Forgiveness provides freedom and healing to the person who forgives.


Ultimate forgiveness provides ultimate healing, freedom and empowerment.


And using the FasterEFT process to achieve ultimate forgiveness is easier than you might expect.


So, what is ultimate forgiveness?


It is the process of accessing the records you hold of a particular experience – the memories you are holding onto – and using the FasterEFT process to not only forgive yourself and anyone else involved but to change the way you represent that experience inside that memory.


The Power of Ultimate Forgiveness

How and Why Ultimate Forgiveness Works

The memories you have of events you’ve experienced form the records – the proof – that your subconscious refers to as evidence of who you are, and how the world works.


As long as you hold a specific memory with the matching emotions attached to it, your subconscious is using that experience as proof of reality.


This means you will find yourself constantly experiencing the same problems – the same issues with different people and in different situations. Change the record and you change your experiences.


Going back to a memory that bothers you and using the FasterEFT process to change the details of that memory, along with the emotional charge attached to it, will result in transformations in the way you experience your life from that moment onwards.


When you use FasterEFT to address a memory, you will find that as you tap it out, it will eventually “flip”.


Part of this flipping process is forgiving whoever was involved in the experience as well as yourself.

Points to Consider

  1. Everyone inside your memory is now you. No-one else can fit inside your head – it’s only you in there now. This means that whatever that person did to you, each time you remember that event and replay that memory it is now you doing it to you. You are now the one playing all of the roles in that memory.
  1. Holding onto whatever bad feelings are associated with that experience will not change the experience. It will not change the other person, what they do, or what they’ve done. All it does is cause problems for you, inside yourself. Feeling those bad feelings is causing your body to remain in a state of “fight, freeze or flight” and is affecting your ability to function optimally. It is affecting not only the way you feel but the choices and decisions you make, the way you communicate, the way you respond to stress, the action you take, your creativity, productivity, problem-solving skills and your physical health – and so much more.
  1. When you use FasterEFT to access the original memory, and to forgive the person in that memory, and yourself for replaying it, and then flip the memory to a positive experience you are empowering yourself to create the life you want to live. You are freeing yourself from being trapped in the negativity and suffering; and allowing yourself to live up to your own potential – without needing the cooperation of anyone else. It all starts inside you. You are the only one who has control over your memories and your focus.


Ultimate Forgiveness is changing how you represent the event in your subconscious.

And it automatically sets you free! 

How to Achieve Ultimate Forgiveness

Step One

Think about the experience that bothers you, and notice how you know it bothers you. Notice what you see, what you hear and how you feel. Just notice.


Step Two

Now, take your focus off the memory and focus on the feeling of your fingers on your skin as you use two fingers to tap gently on the following meridian points while saying the phrases:

– Between your eyebrows – I release and let this go

– Beside your eye – It’s okay to let it go

– Under your eye – I don’t need to hold onto it anymore, and it’s time to let it all go now

– Just below your collarbone – It’s safe to let this go now


Step Three

Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out and say “Peace” then go to a peaceful memory for a moment. Enjoy the feeling of that peaceful memory.


Step Four

Now, go back to the even that bothered you in Step one, and notice what’s changed. Notice if the picture has changed. Has the sound changed? Notice if the intensity of the feeling or where in your body you feel it has changed. Just notice.


Step Five

Repeat Steps Two through Four until you can feel a change in the emotions associated with the memory. Then, tap on the points above again and say the following phrases:

Between your eyebrows – It’s safe to let this all go now

Beside your eye – I forgive myself for holding on to this for so long, and a let it go now

Under your eye – I forgive ____________ (other person involved)

Just below your collarbone – They had their problems, and I’m letting go of mine now. And I’m safe.

Grab your wrist again, take a deep breath, blow it out and say Peace.


Step Six

Now, go back and check the memory again, and notice what’s different. Notice the difference in the picture, sound and feelings. And repeat step Five until the memory has flipped. Check the expressions on the faces of the other people involved and your own expression, and keep repeating the process until everyone in the memory is smiling.


Ultimate Forgiveness is: Changing what you hold inside you – changing how you represent your experiences  – and it will set you free!


It’s important to keep going until you have completely flipped the memory.


Once you have done this, you will find you feel lighter and free.


Repeat this process with each memory you have that bothers you.


The more you practice this Ultimate Forgiveness, the more empowered you will become.


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