Are you a Prisoner with the Keys? Discover with Faster EFT where the lock is located.

When we feel strongly about something it can be difficult to let it go – especially when it involves someone we believe is in the wrong. If you are dealing with someone who is causing you pain in some way, it may not feel as though you have a choice – you may feel trapped, helpless and hopeless.

The good news is – the key to your freedom is in your hands, even though it may not seem that way right now. You have the power to set yourself free, if you are prepared to do what it takes.

Unlock your mind with FasterEFT

The Key to Freedom

The key to your freedom is letting go of the references inside you that are creating your current experience. This is not necessarily always easy because those references feel so real. For more detailed information on how these references and records are created, suggested reading: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems.

No matter what anyone else does, and no matter what is going on around you, it is the records inside your subconscious that determine how you feel, respond and react. Changing those records automatically results in a change in your experience.

But They’re Wrong

In many cases, choosing to change what you are holding in your subconscious in order to change your experiences can feel like a “cop out”. It can feel like you are admitting blame for something that is not your fault, or that you are allowing the other person to “get away with it”.

The truth is: if you consider that you cannot change someone else without their cooperation, but you can change yourself; your choice is to continue being in the right, suffering and struggling – or freeing yourself by letting it all go and moving on with living the life you really want to live.

Letting Go of Your Own Shackles

Imagine you are in a prison cell, held captive. You are angry and frightened and hurt by the person who took you captive and is now keeping you in this prison cell. You have the key to the cell, and you could in fact unlock the door and walk away at any time; but if you do that, it will feel like the person has “got away with it”.

You want them to admit to what they’ve done, to repent, to apologize, to unlock that prison cell door themselves. Why should you have to do it? They should unlock it! And all the while, you’re sitting in prison. If you really want to be free, use the key and open the door yourself, and walk out into the sunshine. Leave them behind to their own experiences, and start creating your own.

Holding onto being right or insisting others change is like holding onto your own shackles and feeling trapped and helpless. Although it may seem like you are being kept prisoner by someone else, the truth is, you are keeping yourself prisoner by holding onto those shackles. All you need to do in order to be free is to let go of the shackles and move forward.

The Key

Letting go of the shackles is the first step to freedom – making the decision to let go of the old stuff you’ve been holding onto that feels so real is the beginning of your emancipation. The next step is using the key you’re holding to unlock that prison cell door.

The key is your ability to change the records in your subconscious that are supporting your current problems. Change those records, and everything else changes automatically. Your perception, your reactions, your experiences – everything.

In order to use this key to unlock the door, think about the thing that is bothering you most right now. Notice how you feel when you think about it. Go back to earlier memories of when you felt the same way (the circumstances and people may be different, but the feeling may be the same).

Then, use the FasterEFT Technique to clear and flip those feelings and memories. Make sure you keep going until it has all flipped completely. Leaving some of the bad stuff behind would be like walking halfway out of the prison cell, and then sitting down and staying there. Keep cleaning until you are completely free.

From now on, remember that you are carrying the key to your freedom. Whenever anything bothers you – no matter what it is, or how much it may look like it’s beyond your control – use your key. Use the FasterEFT technique to clean out and flip or reimprint  the feelings, thoughts and memories that are producing the experience.

You have the key to free yourself. Choose to do so by letting go of your own shackles, and then use the key to transform the memories that are keeping you trapped and producing the results you don’t want. The power is entirely with you.

Article by: Robert G. Smith 

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