The Real Reason Anger Management Doesn’t Work

Anger management may be effective for some people, sometimes, under some circumstances, for a period of time. However, in order to permanently solve an anger problem you need to change the root cause.


Managing anger is like hanging onto the leash of a vicious dog as you walk it down the street – full of struggle, and no long-term effective control. Instead of hanging onto the leash and struggling to keep the dog from causing serious injury it is infinitely more effective to simply train the dog! The word “simply” may seem out of place in that sentence since for most people training a dangerous, vicious dog is far from simple. However, when compared to a life-long struggle of hanging onto the leash and dealing with the associated stress and high risk, training the dog (or having it trained by a professional) is simple.

Rather than managing anger, it is far more effective (and long-lasting) to change the cause.

What is the Cause of Anger Issues?

Although there may seem to be a wide range of different causes, there is only one cause to all issues. There is only one cause of all problems: The records held in the subconscious. Changing those records is like training the dog. It resolves the source of the problem, and the problem will then automatically cease to exist.

Read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems for more detail on how the subconscious references records it holds, how these records are created, and how the subconscious affects our behaviors and choices without our conscious awareness. Going to the original record – the record the subconscious references – and on which bases its influence on our conscious behavior and choices is the only way to effectively and permanently solve an anger issue.

How Does it Work?

As we go about our lives, the subconscious is constantly referencing the records it holds and prompting the body and conscious mind to respond accordingly. Since the subconscious prompts the brain to signal the major organs to produce chemicals that match these records, the conscious mind believes the related ideas and thoughts to be true. The feeling makes it real.

These records are based on life experience, and combined with the feelings produced by the chemicals, these records become “proof” of the related belief. Therefore, when the subconscious accesses the record that it holds, it references that “proof” and prompts the body and conscious mind to respond. This is why anger is so difficult to control – it is not a conscious response, it is a stress “fight or flight” response caused by the subconscious mind signaling the body. The conscious mind then comes up with logic and reasoning that will support the way the body is feeling.

What Are the Effects of Changing Those Records?

Changing the record that provides the “proof” that anger is the correct (and only) response gives the subconscious a different reference. Replacing one record with a more positive reference will mean the subconscious is prompting the body and conscious mind to respond according to “proof” that is positive – resulting in a more productive, positive and healthy response.

How to Change the Subconscious Records

The challenge is reaching the original records and changing them. The very nature of them means we are consciously unaware of them. While we could guess at what we think they could be, there is no way of being certain; and addressing the issues through guesswork is a very long, drawn-out and unreliable way of achieving change.

The good news is that the FasterEFT technique is designed to go straight to the original record, without any need for you to consciously know what it is, and change it automatically. FasterEFT works with the subconscious, allowing the subconscious to make the changes itself.

For step-by-step guidance on exactly how to get rid of your anger issues read:How to Get Rid of Anger Issues Quickly and Permanently.

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