There is No “Out There” Out There!

Are you still trying to change things in your life by looking outside yourself? Once you become aware of it, each time you catch yourself looking to change or fix something or someone outside of yourself, take a moment to remind yourself that there is no “out there”. The inside of your self is the only location of the controls that make changes to your life experience. You cannot change anyone else; only yourself. The great part about this is that once you learn how to operate the controls inside yourself, you have all the power. No-one and nothing can have any effect on you without your cooperation.

What’s Wrong with Looking for Solutions “Out There”?

Whenever anything or anyone bothers you in any way, expecting them to change is like expecting your neighbors to open your car door using their car key. Even if you do manage to convince them to cooperate, it won’t be very effective. You need to look in your pocket for your own car key, and use that. In the same way, you need to look inside yourself and change the records held in your subconscious in order to see the changes you want to make in your life – regardless of how much it may appear that others are causing your problems.

The tricky part of this is that even those who know this fact often find that they are looking outside themselves when things bother them. For example, a person may experience a neighbor who parks badly. They may feel the familiar feelings of frustration, indignation, anger, and resentment. If they have decided to become aware of their automatic reactions they may catch themselves thinking about how rude the neighbor is, and why can’t he simply park where he’s supposed to park… They may even be tempted to go and have a word with him to try to convince him to park more responsibly.

The Choice

At this point, that person has a choice – they can either choose to follow the automatic reaction that they usually follow – which puts them in a position where they are putting their own power in someone else’s hands (the way they feel will be dependant on the whim of their neighbour – and they have no control over that person) – or they can choose to grab the steering wheel of their own experience. They can remind themselves, in that moment, that there is no “out there” out there, and that they are the only one who chooses what they experience. They can then choose to use FasterEFT to change the original program that is causing their reaction – this is something they do have control over.

When you make that choice to change the records that are held in your subconscious you take complete control over what you experience in life. Instead of taking what comes, and hoping that something or someone else will change, you are simply choosing what you want, and making it happen.

It’s the difference between hanging around the buffet table, trying to convince others to pass you some scraps of food you might like, and simply walking up to the table and helping yourself to whatever it is you want. 

If you really want to see transformation in your life, make the decision to become aware of every time you attribute anything that bothers you to someone or something outside yourself; and choose in that moment to remind yourself that only you have the power to affect what you experience. Then use the FasterEFT process to make the changes yourself. There’s no need to wait for others – just go ahead and help yourself!

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