The Only Thing You Need to Do to Delay Aging

Aging is a natural process, but like with anything else, there are a lot of hang-ups associated with it. The cosmetic/beauty industry a billion-dollar industry and sells the fact that aging isn’t acceptable.

You are presented with innumerable products, pills and diets you can use to stay young. However, the fact is that if you’re human, then you’re going to age. The question is, can you age gracefully or fight it?

Many people also have bad memories associated with aging because they’ve seen their aging parents, grandparents, relatives pass away.

Suppose your mother is dying of old age. You don’t like what your mother is going through and so you are projecting your hurt onto your mother.

You feel emotions that you think your mother might be feeling, or you’re feeling your own guilt, your own emotional pain, and you are tormenting yourself.

Everybody gets old. It’s what happens to everyone. Everyone has to die. And you’re struggling with dealing with this, so what do you do?

First of all, you have to make peace with the transition that your mother may take. She will eventually die, and so will you. So you need to address how you feel about what’s going on. Address your emotions about what’s going on.

What are you doing when your’e with your mother? Are you suffering because you can see her suffer? Or are you just tormenting yourself inside yourself?

What you need to do is just notice what you’re doing, notice how you’re feeling about the whole situation and change your emotions about it. Use the FasterEFT tapping techniques and de-fractionation to pull yourself out of the shock.

Change your reaction to it

This is done through FasterEFT memory re-imprinting process. You basically take the hurt, pain and any negative emotion associated with old age, and turn it into a positive one.

Also, you have to realize that your mother is doing the best she can. The fact is she is getting older and closer to death. So, what you want to do is love your mother.

Address your own personal issues you have with your mother. You may be wishing you were a better daughter/son, or wishing you could do something to fix her, and you’re feeling guilty because you can’t. You’re grieving because you’re with her and she’s dying.

So what you are experiencing is her death in your mind, before she even dies. And that happens a lot with people. So what you need to do is tap on this and make peace with it. Make peace with her transition and the changes that have occurred.

Make peace with it within yourself, so that way when you’re with her you can actually be with your mother without thinking about how awful it will be when she’s gone. You can share her experience and just love her for who she is.

We know it’s tough and easier said than done. Many of Robert’s family members and dear friends have died. And it’s not easy.

But the difference is what you do with it, inside you. Because if you love them you have to respect the fact, that this is nature. People die. You don’t have to like it, but you don’t have to hate it either. You just have to accept it, and don’t torment yourself with it, because this is a part of life. So make peace with it.

Age is just a number

Many people associate aging with negative qualities like brittle bones, sagging skin, poor posture etc.

With FasterEFT you can release all these thoughts and learn to accept that you can get better with age. Aging can be fun and welcomed with open arms, once you have the right mindset  to approach it with.

What you have to do is make peace with thoughts that make you think aging is bad, or that you can’t handle it, or you’re afraid to go old.

FasterEFT can actually help delay aging, because when you release all the negative thoughts held within your mind, and thereby, release the stress, your body will automatically flourish.

You’ll feel healthier, look younger, feel more energetic and all of that will help in delaying aging! There’s a saying that says that the laughter is the best kind of makeup. It’s because when you’re happy all your body’s systems are working in tandem for your optimal benefit.

But reaching that happy state is where the challenge lies, and where FasterEFT comes in.

Make peace with it

Make peace with the fearful thoughts you hold about aging. Once you’re able to do that, you can support and love yourself, no matter where you are on the age spectrum.

Every time you release a fearful thought about again, supplant a positive thought in its place. Let yourself know that you love yourself. This kind of attitude makes it easier to accept physical changes that come with age.

You see people complaining about growing older and the effects it has on them mentally and physically, and this affects you.

So you need to let that go. Because you only add to your own fear when entertain other people’s thoughts as true. Just love yourself and cherish yourself by tapping on yourself with FasterEFT. Be nice and be peaceful and realize aging is just a process of life.

Remember the good memories and hold on to them

Once you’ve cleared out those fears about aging, you can rest assured that age is just a number in your mind. You can act and be as young as you feel and allow yourself to be. And that all depends on how much tapping you do with FasterEFT!

Remember, don’t make up stuff in your mind, just honour yourself, by tapping on your fears, tapping on your worries, and your emotional issues.

Aging is a journey, so make sure you enjoy it and not run from it. With FasterEFT, that’s possible, once you understand how the mind works and how you hold memories within. Let go of what doesn’t work, embrace what does work and the rest will follow!

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