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As part of our endeavor to keep our practitioners updated on FasterEFT current events, Robert is hosting another webinar…this time FOR PRACTITIONERS ONLY! He’s really looking forward to meeting with you all to discuss upcoming changes in FasterEFT, to provide a supportive space for each other, and even do some tapping on recent events.

The name of the webinar is “Get the Skills to Change”

The purpose:

  • Provide a place of genuine emotional growth for each other.
  • Help each other process through recent events within the FasterEFT community.
  • Provide inspiration about the future of FasterEFT.
  • Communicate changes that are taking place within FasterEFT whilst tapping along together.

This is a FREE event which Robert will be leading just for you and this is the last chance to sign up.

Here are the details:

Who it’s for: Current certified FasterEFT practitioners of any level. This is a private event.

When: Wednesday, November 4th, 3:30 – 4:30 PM CDT

Where: The internet, via WebEx (invitations will be sent upon practitioner status verification)

Robert’s intention is for all of us to move forward as a strong community and to continue the recovery process from the upheaval you may have seen on Facebook in recent months. There will be a tap along, but please note that there will not be any discussion about past events. As such, we will be using a NO CONTENT model for the tapping portion of this event.

If you have questions you’d like Robert to consider answering, please email them before the event to . Robert will do his best to answer these on the call. He will NOT be taking questions during the call itself, so please be sure to email your questions ahead of time.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to email .

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

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