Three Steps to Getting Happy

Everyone wants to be happy, right?


The great news is: Happiness is more accessible than you may think.


The key is in knowing where to look, and what steps to take.


Whatever you may think will make you happy right now, I’m going to ask you to put your logic and reality aside just for a few minutes, and entertain the possibilities we’re going to share with you here.


If you do this, you will find that you have a lot more control over your own happiness than you might realize and that it’s easier to get happy once you know how.


No matter what’s going on in your life right now, these three steps will help you to create lasting happiness.



Step #1

Realize and accept that the controls for how you feel are inside you.


You may not have figured out how to use them yet, but they are there.


No matter how real and obvious it may seem right now that a certain person, object, circumstance or anything else would “make” you happy, take a moment to consider the fact that it is your response to that trigger that feels like happiness, not the trigger itself.


You have the ability inside you; you just need to learn to develop it.



Step #2

Notice what is keeping you from feeling happy.


What is it that is bothering you right now?


Notice how you know it bothers you, where you feel it in your body, and how strong it is.


Then use the FasterEFT process to clear that obstacle.



Step #3

Choose to use the FasterEFT technique daily to clear any negative thoughts, feelings, challenges, and memories that may come up during the day.


You can use the mental tapping when other people are around.

Feeling Happy will Result in Success, Not the Other Way Round

You will find that as you do this, you will automatically become happier without even trying.


And instead of waiting for people, situations, and things outside of yourself to make you happy, you will find you feel happy before you even achieve those desires.


In fact, you will achieve your desires faster and more effectively since the way you feel affects everything you do.


Feeling happy will cause you to make different choices, take different action, be more productive, appear more confident, communicate more effectively, and so much more.


To find out how and why FasterEFT works, read  The Science Behind FasterEFT

Learn to use the FasterEFT technique effectively by reading: The FasterEFT Technique — Step-by-Step or watch the video below:


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