Tips in Life to Make You Survive 2017

We know life can get hectic. It can seem as if the whole world’s responsibilities are on your shoulders sometimes. Everyone has those stresses and worries of the day, that we have to live with. Whether it’s at home with your kids, or at work with your colleagues, or with your relationship with your relatives, friends. We all have those stressors.  

So what if we told you, there’s something you can do to make your life easier? A simple thing you can do each morning that costs you nothing? It’ll transform your life if you do it. If there was some way to make these little stressors not bother you, what would you do?

Tips in Life to Make You Survive 2017

Well FasterEFT has just the solution! The question is, do you want that change enough to take a few minutes each morning to get those changes?  When you wake up, you brush your teeth, you go to the bathroom, you take a bath. It’s all automatic and you do it like clockwork because you know it’s important to remain clean and hygienic.

You do the laundry, you do the dishes, you dress yourself and your children (if you have any). If you have time to do these things because they impact your life, then you should make time to do this one thing.

This little routine is the equivalent of all these other habits you already practice every day – it takes a little discipline to do it at first, and then it becomes automatic – and the effects will astound you.

Banish away the Fatigue and Stress with this ONE thing

Before you reach for your phone to start checking your messages, or social media, make it a habit to do this first. Skip listening to or reading the news; make this a priority. Get up just a few minutes earlier – do whatever it takes to fit this in because it affects absolutely everything else in your life.


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Take a deep breath and think about the day ahead. Next, grab a piece of paper and a pen, and write down the things that are bothering you. Or things that you think may happen that may bother you.

Like a meeting with your boss, a project you have to work on with your colleagues, attending your children’s parent teacher conference, bills you have to pay, or anything else. Write down what you’re worried or anxious about, write down the challenges you’re expecting – anything that makes you feel less than good.

Now use the FasterEFT technique to clear and flip it. Take the thing that bothers you most, close your eyes, take another deep breath, and notice how you feel about it. Notice what you’re feeling, where in your body you’re feeling it, and how strong it is. Keep going through your list until you feel good about those ‘stressors’.

You may notice that some unpleasant memories come up while you’re going through this process. That’s good. Don’t ignore them, instead make a note of them, and address those as well. The key is don’t stop until you have completely cleared and flipped the feelings, thoughts and memories that were bothering you.


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How Does It Work?

This simple process isn’t just about feeling better in the moment. It’s not even about just putting your mind at rest for the day ahead. What you’re doing is far more significant. The FasterEFT belief system is grounded in neuroscience.

We believe that every reaction we have to any external stimuli, whether positive or negative, is a result of our past. Our past memories, feelings, experiences held within our subconscious mind that are used as a reference.

What you are doing with this technique during this process is changing the original records in your subconscious that are the cause of the experiences that are bothering you.

From physical ailments and anxiety to problems with other people and difficult circumstances, what you experience is determined by what you are carrying in your subconscious. For more details on this, read: How FasterEFT Solves the REAL Cause of All Your Problems. Change those records, and you change your life.

Tips for Life in 2017

  • Of course we know it’s not easy to install or get rid of a habit. You may find you feel resistance to doing this exercise each day. If this is the case, it’s even more important to do it since it means you are very close to change! Keep going until you actually feel enthusiastic about getting up and writing your list and tapping on it! For more information on this, read: What You Need to Know About Resistance.


  • We realize that time is a big challenge for most people in the mornings. So try getting up earlier. Or take time out before you go to bed to think about the next day, to plan ahead. Whatever you do, it is important prioritize this routine over everything else – even if it’s just for one week. Since it will affect everything else, it is the priority. You’ll soon realize the benefits in investing in yourself and what it means for your overall well being, not to mention kissing your stress goodbye!


  • It’s natural to be sceptical. You may not believe it will work. That’s fine, as long as you keep doing the work, your belief or disbelief will not get in the way. It can seem too simple to really have an impact. Why not just try it for two days? As long as you’re doing it correctly, and following the process until you flip the feelings, thoughts and memories, you should see enough of a difference in those two days to continue. And once you feel the difference, you’ll know this is something integral to your daily routine, like brushing your teeth.



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