In Order to Feel Bad, You Have to Do Something Right

It may not seem like it, but feeling bad is a skill. You have to be doing the right thing inside yourself in order to achieve the bad feeling. You are probably completely unaware of what that is, but if you start to take notice, you’ll realize it.

In order to make changes to your life, you need to change what you’re doing automatically inside of yourself – so that you develop the skill to feel good instead of bad.

By doing this you will discover that what you experience in the world and people around you has very little to do with how you feel. Even though it may not seem that way.

In Order to Feel Bad You Must do Something Right

Try it Now

Think of something that makes you feel bad, right now, and notice what you did to produce that bad feeling. What did you think of?

Was it a picture, or did you remember someone saying something? Was it a phrase you say to yourself, a thought you think, or a memory? What did you do right now that allowed you to produce that bad feeling?

Not Everyone Can Do it

Not everyone has the skills to produce the same feelings in the same way. How you feel depends on the data you are carrying in your subconscious. It is this what allows you to produce the feelings you feel.

Change the data, and you change the feelings – automatically. Some people are able to feel good in the middle of situations that would make others feel bad. And some people are able to feel bad in the middle of situations that would make others feel good.

It’s all about the information your subconscious is referring to, and how it is prompting your brain to trigger your organs to produce the chemicals that cause the sensations you feel.

How to Change it

Using FasterEFT you can change the original records held in your subconscious – and when you do that, your experiences will automatically change.

You won’t need to try consciously to change the way you feel; you won’t need to try to control your emotions; you will simply naturally react and respond differently. Automatically.

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Article by: Robert G. Smith

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